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Bigger biceps, biggest biceps


Every bodybuilder or bodybuilding fan is somewhat obsessed with big biceps. We all want the biggest biceps in town. But be careful. This obsession can intefere with your general look and proportions and, worst, you ability to make muscle gains in all your body.

2 years ago I was obsessed with bigger biceps. Zero results! So I changed my mind. Now I only train Biceps 1 time per week (same for triceps). Usually after the back training.

I am blessed with a wide, dense and powerful back. Heavy rows and deadlifts cause a biceps soreness even before I start training them specifically. I can train other day with a fresh biceps. That was my strategy that caused ZERO RESULTS. If your training plan does not promote muscular gains, CHANGE IT RIGHT NOW!

So I changed. Now my biceps training comes after the heavy back training. Only 3 supersets. I often change the biceps exercises but not the strategy. A normal plan would be:

Supersets x 3

A) Dumbell curls x 10-12
B) Hammer curls x 10-12


Supersets x 3

A) Barbell curls x 10-12
B) Concentration curls x 10-12


Supersets x 3

A) Scott curls x 10-12
B) Incline dumbell curls x 10-12

I use the same stategy for triceps. Results? Well my arms are around 21 inches cold. I stimulate my biceps and triceps only 1 time per week. Then I rest fully to make my arms grow.

Think about it!

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