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Why Exercise Alone Won’t Cut It

Why Exercise Alone Won’t Cut It


You find the buffest guy in the gym and copy his workout routine, down to his 4/0/2 tempo. But after 6 weeks, you still have a bit of pudge around your midsection and you don’t look anything like the muscle-bound guy whose workout you’re doing. Maybe you should try copying his diet, too.

“The difference is the big and ripped guys are the ones who’re getting it done in the kitchen,” says veteran trainer Justin Harris. “You can’t create muscle out of thin air. If you don’t supply the nutrients, forget to eat, or don’t follow the plan consistently, you’re not going to be accomplishing shit.”

If you want results, you need to take your nutrition as seriously as your workouts. “We choose ‘train harder’ over ‘eat better,’ convincing ourselves that more exercise is what we need to get the body we want,” Nate Green explains in Stupid Things Young Guys (and Some Older Guys) Do in the Kitchen.

Here are 5 great eating tips from Green:

· Eat 5 to 7 meals per day
· Eat protein at every meal
· Get most of your carbs in the morning
· Eat a healthy amount of good fats
· Have a lot of protein and carbs after a training session

Read my post It All Boils Down to Nutrition for more about the importance of diet.

Why does this matter to you? Because a lean and athletic physique is built on 80 percent nutrition. So don’t mess up your training with poor nutrition! Eat enough of the right foods, ditch anything junk or processed, and know when to push away from the table.


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