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Ed Nunn’s ABS

Ed Nunn’s ABS


The abs etching secrets of Ed Nunn

Tall bodybuilders aren’t noted for their slim waistlines and deep abs. That’s suppose to be a “little guy” thing, right? Ed Nunn says, “Hell no!” The 6’1″ Nunn completed a super sweep in 2008, winning the super-heavy class at both the NPC USA’s and Nationals and taking the overall at the latter. And he did so largely on the strength of his middle. Nunn, who placed fifth in last year’s Sacramento Pro, has one of the best waists in bodybuilding. Get ready to get an education from Ed on how to etch in prize-winning abs.


  • “Stay within 20 pounds of your contest bodyweight year round. This will keep your waist slim and allow you to see and evaluate the abs you’re training.”
  • “I like to train abs three days per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”
  • “Work all areas of your abs: upper, lower and sides.”
  • “I do anywhere from nine to 20 sets, and I usually pick three exercises and vary them from workout to workout.”
  • “Most guys don’t work abs hard enough or often enough. And because other guys neglect them, they can be a big advantage in bodybuilding and really help you stand out in a lineup.”
Hanging knee raises320
Oblique crossover crunches320
Cable crunches320

NOTE: This is a typical routine, but Nunn chooses three ab exercises per workout, and often does crunches or seated knee raises.


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