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Breaks in the training and muscles memory

Breaks in the training and muscles memory


Among those who first came to the gym, or just intending to do so, often there are two completely opposite views on one of the serious problems of strength training. One of these opinions goes something like this: “All gathered in years of rigorous training muscle mass, strength, endurance, excellent physical shape quickly goes, in case you stop training for at least one week.”

Others, by contrast, believe that the achieved physical condition will remain with them forever and we need only once to achieve them.

Despite the fact that there is some truth in both points of view, by and large they are both misleading. In this publication we will not discuss the process quite a significant reduction in muscle mass, strength and power of endurance, which are developed at steroids users even after the cessation of training, but just after the abolition of stimulants, and rapid progress since the resumption of the steroid cycle. The author believes that steroid use in strength training and sports in general, as well as taking any substances that enhance athletic performance, has long been left out of any control and, in essence, is a private matter, especially among amateurs, but In my opinion, athletes should know the truth about steroids, and it is that big and strong you are staying only as long as taking a stimulant. Upon the termination of drug recharge after a certain time you return to where to begin their first steroid course. By the way, does the use of steroids did not guarantee rapid progress in mass and strength, as most people think, because there are so many nuances, but our publication is not about that.

Now we are talking about muscle memory mechanisms in athletes who do not use steroids, and will explain it in detail. In terms of information available to the modern science, or rather those of its sections, which study the human organism as a biosystem, literacy will be speaking about the existence of mechanisms of genetic neuromuscular memory and their work.

By providing adequate methodical organization of training process, the optimal fortification of food and a powerful motivation – any healthy in the medical sense person without the use of steroids may develop the extreme for his muscle mass and strength in about two or three years, and get close to realizing their genetic building. Further efforts will be directed to the reasonable development of the necessary streight and the quality of your muscles. One of the main advantages of training,bodybuilding in particular, is a huge diversity of forms and modes of muscle activity and opportunities for improvement in various areas for many years.

And now imagine that at any stage of your training career unexpectedly appears reason that would compel you to stop training for an indefinite period. What would it be a reason – it does not matter: a long trip, the long repair flats, financial difficulties, or call to active military service.

What happens to our body in the event of such a drastic change? Most profoundly, completely and comprehensively, this problem has been studied by physicians, biologists, physiologists engaged in space medicine and biology.

In break in strength training is deconditioning general and specific adaptation of the body. From the “considerations” to save energy and plastic material, as well as to adapt to new living conditions, the body loses to some extent those morphological structure and function, in which he does not need at this time. In time of break in the strength training first decreases the level of general and power endurance, then lose some accumulated muscle mass, and the last suffer power potential.

In well organized training cycle, which preceded the break in training, loss of physical form is not so great – so think most of athletes, and objectively much less than the subjectively perceived by the majority of athletes, as well as psychologically. Objectively, those who were correctly trained and fed, even after a year break lose from 40 to 60 percent of physical qualities, acquired during previous training. After athletes return to active training and use remediation techniques is absolutely real to achieve the previous level in 6 -9 weeks. Certainly, there is a certain age factor and, for example 35-40-year-old man probably can not submit to past achievements on speed, speed-strength indices of 10 of 15 years ago. But the results in the absolute strength and muscle mass can be quite real and are likely to be surpassed.

So what is it for such a neuromuscular memory, which allows for 1, 5 -2 months to restore the results of many years of persistent trainings, what are its mechanisms and what is its basis? Just makes sense to say that the science of man is in its infancy and is more descriptive, despite the apparent successes of medicine, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, etc. The difficulty is that modern science has a rather limited opportunity to study living organisms in life. Any cell of the organism, placed in a nutrient medium or under the lens of the microscope, immediately begins to behave differently than being in the structure of tissues of a living organism. Recent studies show that the human body is much more complicated, polystructural, hierarchical and multi-level structure than appears at first glance.

So, first are restored the general and strength endurance. The basis of this phenomenon is the ability to re-produce the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which had been once produced. Subjected to specific stress, the body dramatically increases the coupling of respiration and phosphorylation, genetic apparatus of cells dramatically increases the synthesis of enzyme proteins responsible for ATP synthesis and the processes of glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis. In a word, dramatically increases the ability of the organism to energy production. After just a few workouts, became active reserve capillaries, increasing blood flow to muscle tissue and significantly increase consumption of oxygen by cells.

Improvement of trophism and oxygen delivery to muscles creates a relative surplus of ATP, which allows genetic apparatus sarcomere to increase the synthesis of structural, colloidal and contractile proteins. Increas of oncotic pressure in the sarcomere by increasing the content of colloidal proteins, as well the same deposition in muscle glycogen leads to an increase in sarcoplasm, which, coupled with the already existing hypertrophy of mitochondria, as well as the increasing mass of fibrillar apparatus of the cell-sarcomere, leading to restoration of the available sometime in muscle mass.

A later restoration of power parameters associated with a greater involvement of the nervous system (both central and peripheral) and the characteristic of the human body slowness of synthetic processes in the nervous system (we are certainly talking about the biosynthesis of structural units of the nervous system, rather than the speed of information processing in the CNS). Intra-muscular coordination is restored very quickly, almost simultaneously with the power endurance. By the time the restoration of muscle mass is practically restored and intramuscular coordination. But the process of formation of new intercalary neurons (nerve cells, greatly enhancing the momentum of the central nervous system transmitted by the muscle) can take from 3 to 6 months. And this is only if Interneuron restored, that is, once it has already been formed. The process is the formation of intercalary neurons beginners take a year ore one and a half in young (14-17 years of age).


1. If you are thinking: to begin training or not – START!

2. Be sure to find a qualified trainer. To advise here is quite difficult, but if the coach has huge muscles or certificate – this is not a guarantee of competence, but if your prospective coach has no muscles or certificate that guarantees a better chance you have even less. Pay attention to the questions he will ask (if not, then look for another right away). If he asks about your goals, lifestyle, work, family and parents, as well as harmful and useful habits, food preferences – perhaps this is the one who you want. However, if you’ve never lifted anything heavier than a ballpoint pen, and at the first training session the instructor will invite you to perform squats, bench press and become cravings, looking around and whistling merrily until you wake squirm under crushing weights – run away like hell from incense – this person may just cripple you, and all contracts that you purchase and signing by buying membership card, says that care about your health, you take on himself.

3. Do not be afraid of forced breaks in training. Built your figure is your capital, akin placed in the bank. If you temporarily freeze its contribution, inflation of course will eat some part of it. But as soon as you unfreeze it, the sharp rise in interest rate on behalf of the neuromuscular memory.

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