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Reboot of well known Back Exercise


Reboot of well known back exercise
In this article, Goldenmuscles will tell you how to make well known back exercises more effective and diverse. This is a very interesting topic, because it requires the full commitment and resourcefulness so essential in creating beautiful body, especially for those whom nature has not endowed a good physique. It is not taught in the courses and universities. You can learn only if the desire to become more physically developed will become your obsession. To make a perfect back, you need to sweat a lot! Well, what else to do in the gym? Here is the exercises that most bodybuilders consider as the key of development of the back muscles:
Different versions of pulls – with a barbell, dumbbells etc.
Wipe-Grip Pull-down and Seated Cable Row

Exercises are great. There are thousands of athletes who have achieved results through these exercises, but let’s see how we can improve these exercises for maximum progress.

Barbell row

The next time you will perform this exercise, try the following. Keep your back straight and lean body is almost at an angle of 90 °. Elbows pull back (up), as long as your arm is aligned with the belly, straighten the latissimus dorsi.
Now, pull your elbows back even further. Feel like increased resistance? When you increase the range of motion, your muscles contract more intensely.

Here’s how to perform this exercise with a gaspari bar (look how far behind the back the athlete moves elbows)

You can perform the pulls in explosive style, like in the video, or just to keep barbell at the top for 1-2 seconds.

The most important thing to pull as deep as possible due to the gaspari bar. If your have such bar in your gym, then do not hesitate to try this method of exercising! If not, try to touch the belly with your standard bar.

Dumbbell Row

Coolest exercise! There are a few ways that will help diversify and make it more efficient for the development of latissimus dorsi. But we will pull the barbell from one side instead the dumbbell

Most athletes, performing this exercise holding back horizontally, hips and shoulders on the same level. It does not improve workout on back, as actually actively work the shoulders and biceps. Therefore Goldenmuscles purpose little to correct this exercise.

Raise that hip, from which side you will perform pulls. For example, if you pull with your left hand, then lift your left hip slightly higher than the right one and stay in this position (pelvis should be slightly expanded).

Instead of dumbbell use a bar. Barbell row with one hand is too a great basic exercise, although it is less frequently performed. Everybody are used to dumbbells. There are various options of performing the pulls. The choice depends on which part of the back you want to perform.

In the video you can see one arm barbell row. One leg is bent at the knee more than the other one. Also, lower the weight as far as possible for the better muscles stretch. Nothing extraordinary, but even a slight slope during exercise is important.

Now let’s suppose that we need to pump up the bottom of the latissimus dorsi. This area is often overlooked. In this case, we need to change the method so that we were able to use the lower part of the muscle. From the begging, the innovation will seem uncomfortable, so for more comfort you can tie wrists with straps to strengthen the grip.

As you see in the video, the weight is behind the bodybuilder. This is the key in this exercise. To make the exercise more effective use small rubber bands. The load on the muscles will grow closer to the extreme point of the range of motion.

Meadow row

These exercise will help to add some “meat” to your muscles. Unfortunately, many athletes choose too heavy weight, and instead of benefit get injury on the lumbar. And also not less important thing if you do not feel the exercise, you just wasting your time.

Try to pull with one hand, as in the video. Those who do this exercise regularly and correctly, achieve incredible results. By the way, often professional IFBB bodybuilders show this exercise in the video and in magazines.


Everyone knows how, during this exercise, you can change the grip, range of motion, do spurts, retention, etc. Therefore, the only thing that we can add, you will need to do after the last pull-up approach. Put on an athletic belt and hang on it an additional weight. Use straps to enhance grip, as your aim is to hang on the bar for the maximum time. Relax your shoulder blade, as shown below in the video, it will stretch the latissimus.

Neutral grip pull-down

This exercise helps to focus on the latissimus muscles. Sit with your back to the machine and rest against roller for the foot. Visitors in the gym should think that you do not know how to use this machine. Then pull block straight down.

You can also put one foot on the seat of the machine and do exercise on the latissimus stretch. Tilting the head down help to stretch the shoulders, which helps to relax the soft tissues around the shoulder blades and shoulders. You will feel the effect by doing these exercises two or three times.

Below you can see the technique:


The biggest problem commonly encountered in performing this exercise is the restriction in range of motion. Some athletes can take from a rack 300 kg, but hardly lift 250kg from the floor. This makes difficult to perform with intensity reps with a full range of motion. Ideally, will be if the weight of the barbell will increases as the lifting. And this problem can be solved elementary – add the chain!

At the end

It is very important to train hard! Put your soul into every exercise. Workouts should not be punishment, you should enjoy it. Just so you will not get tired of this thing ever.

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