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Stay on Track with Erin Stern

Stay on Track with Erin Stern


By choosing track instead of treadmill, the stretch and training can be considered by itself workout if it done correctly!   Athletes must warm up: to increase body temperature, increase muscle elasticity, start the metabolic processes involved with exercise, and to prevent injury.  It can be compared with you wouldn’t walk out of the locker room at the gym and squat 200 lbs, you don’t want to show up at the track and just start running.

A better distance to start is 800 meter.

Then mark out 20 meters, or about 65’ on the track or on the field for sprint drills. You can use anything to mark off this distance – wherever you have at that moment.  The key of these exercises is to take short, very quick steps, but cover very little ground while doing them. Each drill is executed for 20 meters, with a stride/brisk jog out of the drill for about 20 meters.  After you finish with this exercise, walk to the start.

Here are a few examples of drills:
Butt kicks
Backward run
Straight-leg short/shuffle

It will take some time to see results to the warm ups, drills, and workouts.  To obtain volume after drills, it is recommend to run 10 diagonals on the soccer/football field.  You’ll just start at one corner of the field and stride to the diagonal corner, walking the short side of the field for recovery.

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