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Home workout advantages

Home workout advantages


Home workout program

Home workout has many lacks in comparison with commercial gym workout. Nevertheless, a lot of us prefer to start bodybuilding workout at home.  There are many reasons for this decision because of home workout advantages.

Home workout  advantages:
– Any time. If you  workout at home, than you are not depended on the daily schedule. Moreover, you always have a possibility to change home workout time in any direction. It is very convenient for many  busy people, because they do not know, when their working day will end or will begin.
– Workout Duration. For beginners it  should be less than one hour. 45 minutes – will be better.  Various professional  programs  sometimes demand few workouts per day. To  do it in commercial gym you should spend all the day around.  Not the best prospect. Isn’t it?
– Privacy. If you don’t like be under attention, than home workout program is what you need.  Often it is important, especially for beginners. I began my oven workout at home gym  and   I know, how it is important for good mood that anybody does not prevent to concentrate on exercise performance.
– Do not haste. You shouldn’t harry in order to give  barbell or gym machine to  those people who wait you behind. It allows you to concentrate mind  on a working muscle and exercise technique. When workout at home you  are the own master  and  can do anything you like  with such speed  as  it comfortable. Home workout give you possibility to try different techniques  without haste.
– Concentration. Home workout is very comfortable because  you  are not distracted by music or conversations of other gym visitors. It  gives you the chance to concentrate on productive workout.
– Comfort. This  is very important advantage of home workout. You are  on your own territory.  It is comfortable for you.  You can always listen music that you like or visit  kitchen to drink a glass of your favorite juice from a refrigerator. I think you have understood  what I talking about.
– Useful equipment . As your home gym is constructed  by you. Accordingly you buy those accessories which ones are  necessary and useful for you . The home gym always can be arranged as you  like.

Home workout  disadvantages
– Motivation. If you are from a category of those people who like healthy Spirit of competitions than  home workout by yourself will be difficult for you.  The motivation is very important part of  muscle building. What we do willingly is easy. It is necessary to tell that  if you are lazy, then  gym workout will be more useful for you then home workout programs. You will be constantly distracted by  different things (TV, wife, etc. ) at home gym.  Motivate yourself much easy in a commercial gym.

– Safety. When you make home workout by yourself, as a rule, you  haven’t spotter (partner who stand by to act as safety helper when you perform  heavy  workout exercises as bench presses and squats). Spotting will be necessary in these two exercises. On the other hand you can get special   power rack in order to make your home workout safer.

– Money investment. In order to create good workout environment (gym) at home you will need to invest in weight equipment. It can be expensive. But… you should understand that   invest money in  your health. This equipment will be with you for many years. 300-500 USD is sufficient to buy an adjustable weight bench and more then enough dumbbells.

I hope you have understood that home workout is not better then  commercial gym workout. There are advantages and disadvantages. Your choice depends on your personal needs and possibilities.

Home workout program  can be in two variants:
– Home Workout Without Weights (variant for beginners)
– Home Workout With Weights (workout at home gym)

In the first case it needs your will only, but for  the second one it needs the equipment. Everyone knows that using free weights and other workout equipment is the  most efficient way to gain muscle mass  and strength.
On the other hand, if you are complete  beginner in bodybuilding then “Home Workout Without Weights” will allow you to prepare the body for Gym Workout.  Where there’s a will, there is a way. If you have a will to start then nothing will stop you. There are many good exercises that can be done without weights.

Home Workout Without Weights
Let’s do it easy! Do not complicate things.  First of all, every home has a FLOOR! It automatically means that it is possible to workout all pushing  muscles at home! You can use a pair chairs or even piles of books in order to make push ups more effective. With pulling muscles it is more difficult: for their development it is necessary to be hooked for “something”. And a sturdy bar to support your weight  should become these “something”!   That is all. Such home workout program can be effective. Home workout  using your own body weight as a source of resistance is a time tested technique to get shape fast.

This kind of home workout program  is necessary  to prepare you for more advanced “Workout With Weights”. When are you ready  for this “next level”? It is very easy. When you could perform:

– Could  Do 10 push ups per set;
– Could Do 30  pull ups per set;
– Could Do 30  chair dips per set;
– Could  Do 30  deep knee squats per set;

If you already are able to do it, then you can  go for “next level”  and begin  workout  with weights.   Your physical conditional  is sufficient for  such workout loads.
If you are not able yet, then you should workout without weights. The best exercises that give you good workouts and great results – without the gym: push ups, deep knee squats, pull ups, also called chin ups  and crunches.

Home Workout Without Weights  –  Full body workout #1
• Crunches (abs)  3 sets
Push-Ups (chest, triceps, shoulders) 2-3 sets
Push-Ups – Triceps Position (triceps, and some chest) 2-3 sets
Pull-Ups ( back,  biceps) 2-3 sets
• Pull-Ups -biceps Position (reverse & close grip)  2-3 sets
• deep  Squats (thighs, glutes, hips)  3 sets

1 Full body
2 Full body
3  Full body
4 So on…..

Home Workout Without Weights  –  Full body workout #1

Crunches abs 3
Push-Ups chest, triceps, shoulders 2-3
Push-Ups – Triceps Position triceps, and some chest 2-3
Pull-Ups back,  biceps 3
Pull-Ups (reverse & close grip)   Biceps, back 2-3
deep  Squats thighs, glutes, hips 3

In the first training  day make  so much repetitions per set as you can. So you learn  your “starting point”. Then take  70 percent from your maximum (from your “starting point”). This quantity will be you workout diapason.

For example if you have done 26-30 Squats  in the first day , it means that your « workout diapason »  will be 20 repetitions in each set. However try to perform  each set slowly. Increase duration of a negative phase (when you lower the weight back). So you stimulate your muscles more effectively than if you would do maximum   repetitions quantity per each set.

Once a week you do so much reps per set as you can to see changes. You will notice  that  your strength  in comparison with “starting point”  has increased.

Home workout: Frequency and Duration
According this workout program is possible to workout every day, or every other day. Muscle loads is not very huge in compare to gym workouts with weights.   That is why body recovers quickly and ready for new loads.
The described above home workout is short. You shouldn’t spend  more than   30-40 minutes. It is very good for our muscles because, the training time is longer, the  more risk of overtraining.

Workout at home:  Pull-Ups, Push-Ups and others….
Basiclly, everybody know such exercises as Pull-Ups and Push-Ups. However, many commit errors at these exercises performance. You have to pay special attention on:
– Lie face down on the floor hands about shoulder width apart keep your palms turned inward slightly, push-up until your arms are straight, lower and repeat for reps. If your target is chest with Push-Downs, than you need to control the direction in which your elbow travel.  They must  move away from  the body if your target is chest and be close to the body if your target is triceps. Push-ups are one of the best home workout exercise for upper body.
-You can focus push-ups workout on different muscles. Hand placement is the key for this reason.  The closer together hands,  the more workout triceps. And , the father hands apart, the more workout chest.
-You can make push-ups more difficult. For this purpose you have to elevate your legs. Another good idea to make this exercise more difficult is to do it between chairs.
-Pull-ups is one of the  greatest exercises for the back and biceps.  You can focus loads on different muscles by changing grip  from fingers facing forward (back workout) to fingers facing backward (reverse grip for biceps workout). There are a lot of other grips such as monkey (special bars to use parallel grip), or even one arm grip.  If there is not a bar at home, you can find it  in a park or school yard.
-Deep  squats. It is very important to keep your back straight when you squat down. You can manipulate intensity by changing the width of your feet and haw low you squat. You can even do this exercise by one leg.   Keep your heals on the floor for complete   thighs workout.
-You need only a chair in order to get one of the best triceps exercise. I mean a chair dips. The main secret of this exercise is your leg positions. The further your legs are from chair, the harder dips will be.
-Crunches is the greatest exercise for your abs.  Jast put your hands behind your head and your chin on your chest in order to crunching your abs perfectly.

Use this home workout program few months. You will notice workout progress in all exercises. Once you  will understand that this program became too easy for you.  And in this moment  is important to give new loads for you healthy body.

You can solve this “problem” easy. There are two ways.
1. You can make your  Home Workout Program  harder. (add exercises and sets)
2. You can begin Workout with weights (you need equipment for this)

Lets look on first point (make home workout program harder). For this reason we split our home workout program on two days.  On one day we workout the two biggest muscle groups (back and legs); on the other one – all small ones and chest (chest, shoulders, arms).

Twice a week divided home workout program #2   ( split 2+1)

1 Abs, chest, shoulders, arms
2 Abs, back and legs

3 Rest

1 day

• Crunches (abs)  3 sets
• Push-Ups (chest, triceps, shoulders) 3 sets
• Push-Ups – Triceps Position (triceps, and some chest) 3 sets
• Handstand Push-ups (shoulders) 3 sets
• chair dips (triceps, and some chest) 3 sets

2 day

Crunches (abs)  3 sets
• Pull-Ups ( back,  biceps)  3 sets
• Pull-Ups  -biceps Position (reverse grip rack -close grip)  3 sets
• deep  Squats (thighs, glutes, hips)  3 sets
• Front & Reverse Lunge (glutes, Quads)  3 sets

3 day – rest
Home Workout Without Weights  –  Full body workout #1


Crunches abs 3
Push-Ups chest, triceps, shoulders 3
Push-Ups – Triceps Position triceps, and some chest 3
Handstand Push-ups shoulders 3
chair dips triceps, and some chest 3

Crunches abs 3
Pull-Ups back,  biceps 3
Pull-Ups  (reverse & close grip) biceps 3
deep  Squats thighs, glutes, hips 3
Front & Reverse Lunge glutes, Quads 3


You can remove  one day of rest if feel yourself good enough to repeat the first and the second days. But once per week your rest is necessary.

Home workout program #3 (split 2+1 Legs Accent)

1 Chest, back, shoulders, arms
2 Abs, legs
3 rest

This home workout program look like previous one (split 2+1) but it is more accented on your legs because this muscle group is the biggest one.

DAY 1.
1 push ups 2 10-20 Warm-ups Each repetition should be more than 4 seconds
2 Handstand Push-ups 3 5-10 Shoulders -Get into a handstand next to a wall
-Use the wall and your toes for balance
-Slowly bend your elbows and lower your inverted body towards the ground
3 push ups between chairs 4 8-12 Chest -The elbows must  move away from  the body
-Use wide hand  placement
-Do it between chairs
5 pull ups 4 6-12 major muscles in Back -Grab a bar with an wide grab      -fingers facing forward
– Pull up until your chest hits the bars
7 Push-Ups – Triceps Position 3 6-12 Triceps -The Hands are close together
-The elbows are kept close to the body to target the triceps
8 Pull-Ups  – biceps  3 6-12 Biceps -Use close and reverse grip for biceps workout (fingers facing backward)
DAY 2.
1 Crunches  3 unlim Warm ups -put your hands behind your head
-put your chin on your chest
-do crunching slowly
2 Deep Squats  4 10-20 thighs, glutes, hips -keep your back straight when you squat down
– Keep your heals on the floor
– squat down deeply

3 One-Legged Squats 3 8-12 front thighs, glutes, hamstrings – Stand perpendicular to a wall
– Support yourself by leaning against the wall
– Keeping your body upright
-Bend the other leg back

4 Front & Reverse Lunge 3 10-20 Glutes, thighs -Do  large step forward ( keep your head up)
– never let the knee touch the floor
– push off with your forward leg and then step back when the knee is completely straight
5 Calf Raises 3 15-20 Calves -Put your toes on the edge of the step (your heel hanging over the edge)
– Raise your body  while balancing yourself
-You can use only one leg to make it harder

When this home workout became easy, you can use even more difficult program (3+1). See below.

Three  days divided home workout program #4 (split 3+1)

We split out body for three parts.  And add one day for rest. This gives more time for our muscles to recuperate  but every workout routine became harder. That is why you should be carful because of  big overtraining risk.  This is advanced home workout program. Use it only when have experience with previous ones (Full body  home workout program #1 and Twice a week divided home workout program #2 or #3 )

1 Chest, back
2 Shoulders, biceps, triceps
3 Legs, Calves, abs
4 rest

1 Push-Ups 2 10-15 Warm-up -Each repetition should be more than 4 seconds
2 One armed Push Up 3 6-12 Chest -Lift one hand and rest it on the small of your back.
-keep your back straight
-In order to maintain your balance, turn your body slightly away from the pushing arm
3 push ups between chairs 4 6-15 Chest -Place two  chairs side by side
-than place your hands a bit wider than shoulder width apart
-lower yourself as far in between the chairs as is possible
4 Wide grip push-ups 3 6-15 Chest – Lie down on the floor face down with your feet close together.
-Place your hands wider than shoulder width apart and perform a push-up.
5 pull ups 4 6-12 Back -Use an overhand grip
-Pulled your boudy up until the chin clears the bar
-then lower the body until arms  are fully extended
6 Behind-the-neck pull-up 2 10-12 Back  -The chin is dropped
-You have to touch the bar with the back of the neck

1 Handstand Push-ups 4 6-12 shoulders -Get into a handstand next to a wall
-Use the wall and your toes for balance
-Slowly bend your elbows and lower your inverted body towards the ground
2 Dimond Push-Ups  4 6-15 triceps -Place your hands together so they form a diamond
-You can either put your hands underneath your chest or your head to hit different muscles
3 Do chair dips 3 6-15 Triceps – Sit down on the edge of the chair and place your hands behind your hips.
– Lift your buns off of the seat and slowly lower your body downward.
-Your knees should not bend past your toes

5 Pull-Ups  -biceps Position 6 6-15 biceps -Use close and reverse grip for biceps workout (fingers facing backward)

1 Crunches 5 unlim Warm-ups + abs – Start out by Lying down  and bend your knees,
-place your hands behind your head or across your chest.
-Slowly raise yourself up using your abs
– Press your lower back to the floor all the time.

2 deep  squats 4 8-20 thighs, glutes, hips -The movement involves bending the knees and hips to lower the torso deep down.
– the deeper the squat, the greater the training effect
3 One-Legged Squats 3 6-20 thighs, glutes, hips -Stand on one leg with foot pointing straight ahead and knee slightly bent.
-Keep your upper body erect

4 Front & Reverse Lunge 3 6-20 Glutes, thighs -Do  large step forward ( keep your head up)
– never let the knee touch the floor
– push off with your forward leg and then step back when the knee is completely straight
5 Calf Raises (one leg) 3 10-20 Calves -Use only one leg (toe) to  rise up
6 Calves  Raises (two legs) 3 10-30 Calves -Find a set of stairs or a platform about 7 inches high and position yourself
– Slowly, rise up on your toes.

The most important thing in this home workout program is to feeling muscles. Your goal should be to feel the muscle group is working. You must think about the future. The good technique is the key for continual growth by “mind to muscle connection”.


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