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Military Workouts – Powerful Exercises To Get Fit And Strong

Military workouts are rather challenging than any other exercise routines as they demand more energy, both physically and mentally. An average workout routine followed by an average person is comparatively simple.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for everyone in today’s lifestyle. There are multiple routine set options available for people to follow that involve muscle gain, but one recent popularity gaining routine is a military workout.

Military Workout Routine

In a military workout, one needs to involve the mind, body, and soul. Following a military workout requires an average person to push his limits to accommodate this tough routine.

A military person is always in his best shape during the basic training time of their duty.  Below given are steps of a total body workout that will warm up your whole body:

A person is required to do ten repetitions of the following:

  • Clean and Press
Clean and Press

It is a two-part weight training exercise in which one needs to lift either a sandbag or a loaded barbell from the floor to their shoulders and then push it overhead. For men, it is advised to lift a sandbag of 40 pounds.

On the other hand, for women, it is recommended to lift a sandbag of 20-25 pounds. Posture plays a crucial role in any exercise. Hence, it is important to follow this exercise in the right posture to increase and stamina and cardiovascular muscles.

  • Step-up

It is a simple exercise that works on muscles of the legs and buttocks. It is a type of resistance exercise. It involves five repetitions of both legs that embark on a total of 10. In this, the person is required to use a 20 to 24-inch platform for stepping.

It is vital to stand erect with both feet on the selected platform. And then, the second step involves stepping down the platform. To increase the difficulty level, one can always use a set of dumbbells of their choice of weight.

  • Pull-up

It is an upper body strength exercise that works on muscles of the upper body. While performing this set, the person does a closed chain moment in which the body is suspended freely, and the hands hold the whole body.

Then, with the palms facing away from the person pulls his body up. If someone is unable to do it solo, he/she can take aid from machines or bands.

  • Double leg lift
Double leg lift

It is a kind of exercise that involves the core and is done to strengthen the core of your body. It works on superficial ab muscles, deep abdominal muscles, and hip flexor muscles.

In this exercise, the person lies down on the floor, keeping their hands under the glutes. Then, it is followed by lifting both legs until they are completely vertical. The level of intensity can be increased by adding weights to the ankles.

  • Squat

It is a form of strengthening exercise that works on the lower body, particularly hips and knee joints. In this exercise, one needs to rotate their hips as they move downwards. This should be slow, letting your back move forward accordingly.

One must try getting their knees close to 90 degrees. Also, the feet must be flat during the entire course, especially in the raise. If one is unable to keep his feet flat, he/she must try widening their legs, but it is forbidden to go on their toes.

These were some of the exercises that are included in a military workout to gain muscles. Military workouts, when compared to other workouts, are more performance-based.

Moreover, they are less focused on achieving the aesthetics that many online workout routines show. These exercises work on overall body strength development from the upper body to the lower body.

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