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Free weights (dumbbells, barbells) or gym equipment – what to choose?

Free weights (dumbbells, barbells) or gym equipment – what to choose?


One of the most contentious issues in bodybuilding: which is better, free weights or gym equipment? The fact is that free weights and exercise machines perform several different tasks. The best option for everyone: look into the matter and correctly applied both in their training.

Free weights

The position of the body when working with free weights is not fixed, that allows feeling the consistency of the work of muscles. Take a few squats with barbell, and you will feel instantly a kind of relationship between body and mind.

Free weights are more effective to increase the power performance. The absence of a fixed position (as at the gym equipment), enables the work of the synergist muscles, which help target muscles to lift the weight. As a result, the body operates as a single interlocking mechanism.

Free weights require stabilization of the body during lifting weights; in other word in work are included muscle-stabilizers. This means that some of the exercises help to work at many small muscles in one set.

The effectiveness of free weights is time-tested. They are used by athletes for decades, and many of their own experience have seen their benefits.

Gym equipment

Gym equipment can effectively isolate the muscles. This means that gym equipment, especially CAD blocks are perfect for performing targeted muscles.

Some exercises can be done only at the gym equipment. For most exercises, example bench press, equipment is not required, however, movements such as vertical thrust block and the extension / flexion of the legs, are possible to be performed only on the gym exercise.

By working on the gym equipment is easier to abide the technique of exercise, and therefore exist less chance to injure. But this does not mean that on the gym equipment you are not able to get injured.

Much equipment helps to minimize excessive load on back. This can be useful for people with problematic spine.

In search of balance

Goldenmuscles.com cannot insist only on one way of training. Each of them has its advantages. Free weights allow you to use stabilizer muscles and synergists’ muscles. Gym equipment are more suitable for isolating of muscles.

Goldenmuscles.com is sure perfect workout includes both work with free weights and gym equipment. We can derive maximum benefit from both approaches. With all this, do not forget about exercises with your own weight (pull-ups) and block simulators. For example, training on the block simulators provides a constant strain of the target muscle.

In drawing up the program, Goldenmuscles.com advice to take into consideration these points, and then results from your workout will be the maximum!

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