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When i can start using steroids?

When i can start using steroids?



How to decide at what age to start weight training regimen and if it is not too early to use steroids?

There are many experts that consider that to start a weight training regimen at puberty age (13 years old) is not perfect and a kind of dangerous while other experts see no harm in it at all. At the same time you cannot just chose an age and say that this is the time for using steroids.

Very often boys at 12-13 years old begin interested in improving their bodies.  They start to develop their muscles, their bodies begin to change and grow. Before puberty, preadolescent boys do not have in their body any natural steroid hormones such as testosterone or androsterone. These hormones are the main one and are aimed to control the development of the masculine characteristics. That is why there is no sense for boys that didn’t achieve puberty to start weight training regimen because their muscles would not increase. But, some experiments shows that in dependence of nervous system and motor learning it happen that sometimes prepubescent boys grow in muscle.

When puberty starts at the age about 12-13 there is a big flux in hormonal patterns in the body, which cause the growth of male characteristics, (deepening of the voice, growth of body hair, growth in height, etc.). These hormones which are produced by the body itself can be comparing with a mild steroid cycle.

That is why adding another quantity of hormone (which represents the main part of content of anabolic steroids) can be not good for body. Whenever any extra amount of AAS is added to the body, the body recognizes this extra level through a feedback loop in the human body known as the Hypothalamus. Once the Hypothalamus recognizes the increase in hormones which happens usually between 14 and 21 days, the body will shut off its own production of hormones until these levels decrease, along with increasing hormones to decrease these extra levels in the body (cortisone, estrogen). Cortisone and Estrogen are 2 hormones in the body that BBs do not need any extra. The thing is that the more AAS you put in your body, the more your body will try to lower those levels. When it happened you will feel all the sides effect, such as hair loss, liver damage and other.

An adolescent who is going to train should not hurry to increase the muscle mass in short time and underestimate their physical abilities. The central nervous system in young athletes is still developing so their coordination and balance are not as capable as in adults. Before you consider the use of AAS you should have already reached your genetic potential because your body can change while you are growing. First of all look at the weight, height and build of other members in your family. Then you will appreciate how many pounds do you need to put on to be in perfect form. So it would be better for you to start using steroids at least at 18 years old when your body is full-fledged.

Another moment that can cause problem to young athletes is the thing that the training machines are designed for adults. In many cases instead of muscle increase you can obtain injury.

An important thing that young people should remember is that good to go to gym 2-3 days per week for about 20-30 minute training. As their mastery improves, the frequency of training can be increased.

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It is a big mistake when people become more relaxed when starts using steroids. You should have a good diet and workout program. It dosen’t matter how much assistance you get from AAS, without proper nutrition and workouts you will be lucky to have any gains at all, let alone keep them after the cycle is over.

At the and I can say that is very important to take into considerations the following: a medical evaluation should be performed first; proper adult supervision is essential; form needs to be emphasized over weight or reps; all major muscle groups should be addressed; and any sign of injury should be evaluated before continuing the training regimen, 8 hours of sleep every night, eat every 2-3 hours, 6 times a day without missing a meal. All this can have a huge effect on your body so don’t hurry before doing something.

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