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Training Facts Every Bodybuilder Should Know

Training Facts Every Bodybuilder Should Know


There are several factors that are very individualized to body builders. Still, there are other factors that affect body builders across the board in total disregard to personal taste and goals. Some other factors are variable depending on individuals, programs, muscle mass, level of body building and so on. However, other factors are static and can only be referred to as facts about body building. The following five are such facts about body building. Each body builder must be aware of these five constant facts of body building.

The first is that better muscle gains result from comprehensive exercises. Isolated exercises can not on their own help build big muscle mass and proportional physique. Comprehensive exercises that work out the entire body and stimulate muscle growth on each individual body part are actually the most effective and fast means of achieving a masculine physique. Multi-muscle exercises stimulate groups of muscle, or even more than one group of muscles thereby uniformly distributing stress and workload to the body proportionally.

Another constant fact of body building is that the old favorite free weights still reign supreme in swift and effective muscle mass generation. When compared to machines, free weights impose more strains on the muscles and therefore end up stimulating more growth. Supporting muscles are fully engaged by free weights and their strength power fully concentrated to lift, control and pump the weight. The old maxim of no pain no gain still rings true. Indeed this is the other of the constant facts of body building.

One of the reasons why most body builders attend gym sessions for years and still lack the muscle mass to show for it is because of the fear to go heavy. These body builders remain at the same level of intensity, lifting the same weights over and over, year after year. The result is that instead of the muscle gaining in mass, body building workouts become rigorous labor. A body builder must perpetually increase the intensity of the workouts to correspond to the continuous gains in muscle strength and mass. With time, the body builder gets into really heavy weights that ultimately recruit the IIB muscle fibers. This type of muscle fibers if stimulated prompts the largest muscle mass gains possible in humans.

The fourth constant body building fact is that the length of weight training duration does not correspond directly with muscle gains. To the contrary, long hours of intensive training leads to muscle loss, overtraining and irreparable muscle injury. Training sessions should be aimed at stimulating growth not exhausting all muscles from every possible angle. Unusually high catabolic hormone levels usually accrue after very long sessions of intensive training, with the effect being muscle tissue breakdown. Ideally, weight training should last for 70 minutes at the very most.

A consistent three square meals a day diet is the best way to build muscles. This is a constant fact of body building. Eating a good breakfast rich in proteins helps activate the metabolic rate and revive it to a level where the next meals are readily broken down both effectively and completely. Meals should be eaten after every three hours or less. Small but frequent healthy meals across the entire day amplify muscle assimilation and make muscle growth and repair possible. Food is, has always been and will always be the raw material for muscle growth.


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