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Top 20 – The best dumbbell exercises

Top 20 – The best dumbbell exercises


Top 20 – The best dumbbell exercises for home workout program:

1. Dumbbells Squats
Hold your dumbbells at sides. Keep your back as straight as possible and your chin up, bend your knees and slowly lower your hips straight down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Shoulder width position of your feet will help your general development of quadriceps while a broader feet position will allow you to increase load on thigh inner surface; and narrower one – on thigh outer surface.

2. Stiff-Legged deadlifts
Your hands with dumbbells are lowered; your shoulders are moved backward; chest – forward; the lumbar part of spine is arched. You start the exercise movement slowly moving the pelvis backward keeping the waist arch. Lower  dumbbells slowly till it’s possible.

3. Dumbbell Lunges
Make a step forward and start bending the leg in the knee joint till the thigh of this leg is parallel to the floor. You should lower the knee of the other leg till it almost touches the floor. You should keep your torso upright and strained in order not to lean forward. This exercise is purposefully ‘bombing’ your glutes

4. Dead Lifts
When performing this exercise, you should never arch your back; otherwise it can lead to serious back injuries. On reaching the lowest movement point you need to strain muscles of your back thigh; then, when raising from the half-squat position, you need to pull the dumbbells  up.

5. Wide grip pull ups
Reach up and grab the bar with a wide overhand grip. In order to stretch the broadest muscle completely, imagine your palms to be nothing else but hooks by means of which your body is attached to the bar. Slowly pull your body up as high as possible to touch the bar  with your chest.

6.Single  Bent-over row
After you’ve rowed the dumbbell up as far as you can, try to hold it for several seconds in the upper point and then breath out and slowly lower it to the starting position.

7. Flat Chest Presses
This is a compound exercise for development of strength and general mass of your pectorals.
Don’t limit the exercise amplitude when pressing dumbbells: they aren’t a barbell – so, extension in the lowest point is obligatory. In order to do everything correctly it’s advisable to choose heavy but controllable dumbbell weight.

8. Flat Chest Flies
Having pressed the dumbbells, try to lower them very slowly with your hands straight in the direction of your pelvis.

9. Bicep Curls
This exercise can be performed both in the standing and seated positions.  You need to keep your elbows strictly by your body sides. When elbows move forward it becomes much easier to complete movements but they lose their efficiency in this case.

10. Concentration Curls
Holding dumbbell place elbow on inside of thigh, just above knee and Curl dumbbell up towards your face than slowly lower it. Do not swing back as you lift the weight.

11. Overhead Triceps Extensions
Hold dumbbell strictly  above head with arm fully extended. Clasp elbow with free hand for support. Slowly let elbow fold so dumbbell is lowered behind head. 4. Extend arm back to starting position.

12. Triceps Kickbacks
Place one arm and leg on bench. Upper body should be parallel to ground. Holding dumbbell raise elbow so upper arm is parallel to ground. Your elbow should be bent at right angles. Extend elbow so entire arm is parallel to ground.

13.  Shoulder Presses
Raise the dumbbells till they touch each other in the upper movement point; then lower them as low as possible.

14. Lateral Raises
Begin each new repetition with a defined stop in order not to do swings. Raise the dumbbells up and sideward having your wrists a bit turned (as if you’re pouring water from a jug): the back part of the dumbbells should be higher than the front one.

15. Reverse Flies
Take dumbbells and lean forward. Keeping the obtained torso position, raise the dumbbells: your wrists should be turned so that your thumbs are lower than little fingers

16. Upright Rows
Keeping dumbbells close to body, raise them to chin.

17. Shrugs
Keeping arms straight ’shrug’ shoulders as high as possible and hold for a count of  three.

18. Single Leg Calf Presses
Use only one leg. Before you start pressing  you need to move your feet as low as possible in order to start the movement from the extended position.

19. crunches
Place your hands behind your head or across your chest. Slowly raise yourself up using your abs.

20. Lying Leg Raise
Lie on your back and  wedge your hands under your butt. Using your abs, raise your legs to approx. 30 degrees. Keep your lower back touching the floor and your neck neutral  throughout.

The main idea is to use  correct technique in every exercise. You can use old  workout programs but add new free weight exercises with dumbbells.   In this case your home workout program can look like this one:

Home workout with dumbbells   (Twice a week divided program)

1 Abs, chest, shoulders, arms
2 Abs, back and legs
3 Rest


Crunches                   3 х unlim
Flat Chest Presses    1х20 + 3 х 8-12
Flat Chest Flies        3 х 8-12
Shoulder Presses      3 х 8-12
Lateral Raises           3 х 8-12
Overhead Triceps Extensions   3 х 8-12

2 Day

Squats                      1х20 + 3 х 8-12
Dumbbell Lunges                3 х 8-12
Stiff-Legged deadlifts         3х 8-12
pull ups                           3 х 8-12
Single  Bent-over row     3 х 8-12
Bicep Curls                      3 х 8-12

Home workout with dumbbells   (Twice a week divided program)

Crunches abs 3 х unlim
Flat Chest Presses     chest, triceps, shoulders 1х20 + 3 х 8-12
Flat Chest Flies          chest 3 х 8-12
Shoulder Presses       Shoulders  triceps 3 х 8-12
Lateral Raises            shoulders 3 х 8-12
Overhead Triceps Extensions    triceps
Squats thighs, glutes, hips 1х20 + 3 х 8-12
Dumbbell Lunges glutes, Quads 3 х 8-12
Stiff-Legged deadlifts Hamstrings, glutes, quads  3 х 8-12
pull ups Back biceps  3 х 8-12
Single  Bent-over row Back  3 х 8-12
Bicep Curls Biceps  3 х 8-12

Advanced Home workout with dumbbells.  Three  days divided (3+1)

1 Chest, back
2 Shoulders, biceps, triceps
3 Legs, Calves, abs
4 rest

1 Day
Push-Ups ( 2х20)
Flat Chest Presses
Flat Chest Flies
Wide grip pull ups
Single  Bent-over row
Dumbbell Pullover
Dead Lifts

2 Day
Shoulder Presses
Lateral Raises
Overhead Triceps Extensions
Triceps Kickbacks
Bicep Curls
Hammer Curls

3 Day
leg raises
Dumbbell Lunges
Stiff-Legged deadlifts
Single Leg Calf Presses

Advanced Home workout with dumbbells.
Three  days divided (3+1)

Push-Ups abs 1х 20 (warm-up)
Flat Chest Presses chest, triceps, shoulders  3 х 8-12
Flat Chest Flies  chest 3 х 8-12
Wide grip pull ups Back 3 х 8-12
Single  Bent-over row Back 3 х 8-12
Dumbbell Pullover  Back and  chest
Dead Lifts
Shoulder Presses Shoulders, triceps  1х20 + 3 х 8-12
Lateral Raises shoulders 3 х 8-12
Overhead Triceps Extensions triceps  3 х 8-12
Triceps Kickbacks triceps  3 х 8-12
Bicep Curls Biceps 3 х 8-12
Hammer Curls Biceps  3 х 8-12
crunches abs
leg raises abs 3 х unlim
Squats thighs, glutes, hips 3 х 8-12
Dumbbell Lunges glutes, Quads 3 х 8-12
Stiff-Legged deadlifts Hamstrings, glutes, quads 3 х 8-12
Single Leg Calf Presses Calves  3 х 8-12
Home workout  or gym workout … Remember that it is not important where you  perform exercises. Important is how. There are a lot of information about home workouts, programs and exercises but you have got the Essence.


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