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Ronnie Coleman’s Biceps Routine

Ronnie Coleman’s Biceps Routine


8-time Mr. O Ronnie Coleman talks about his guns

As we countdown to the 45th anniversary of the Mr. Olympia on September 24-25, let’s check in with the man who entered a record 15 O’s and won a record-tying eight. This year will mark the third anniversary of his last O appearance and the fifth anniversary of his last O win, and yet his lengthy reign casts a long shadow. For a whole generation of bodybuilding fans, Ronnie Coleman was the king. Two of the reasons why were his right and left biceps. Ronnie tells us what makes his biceps training unique and shares a typical routine he was doing when he was scooping up the Sandow every autumn.


* “I trained biceps twice per week, and the two routines were different but always focused on three basic exercises for three sets each.”

* “The routine here is one example, the next workout I would pick three different exercises, like barbell curls, hammer curls and concentration curls.”

* “The heavier you lift, the bigger you get. I try to lift as heavy as I can but always get at least 10 reps.”

* “Twenty-one curls are a favorite. They’re demanding, so I like to do them first. It gives me a great pump right from the start.”

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