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Pressed from the floor



Ask 10 random guys about what kind of exercises do they know with their own weight, and 9 of 10 will answer – push-ups. This exercise will not allow you to build huge muscles, but to keep your body in form when the gym is not available – easily! You can also do push-ups as a morning exercise or just if you have the desire to “stretch your body.”

The technique is very simple! The main thing is to keep the body straight during all phases of the exercise. Watch the video:

Position of hands and elbows:

• The closer elbows are to the body – the greater is load on the triceps

• Elbows perpendicular to the body – more loads falls on the breast

Press and back muscles also get a good load (static). Fact: the weaker these muscles are, the less time you do push-ups!

Many girls and even guys cannot do push-up even one time. In this case, you can start with the push-ups on your knees. After a couple of weeks you will be able to perform standard push-ups.

In case, the contrary, you have a lot of power; it is possible to increase the load placing your feet on the bench:

Goldenmuscles.com recommends guys to do push-ups only on their fists. This great strengthens the hand! Strong fists can suddenly come in handy in a dark alley.

If you think that the push-ups – it’s boring, or to make 100 times – an occasion for pride, then watch the following video:

And finally.  This guy knows a lot about push-ups:

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