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How to plan your training?

How to plan your training?


“Written by GoldenMuscles” There are many different ways to diversify the workouts so that muscles to get maximum load and could not adapt to it. The order of performing exercises. As a rule during the training for the first, are performed large muscle groups, and then – small one. But it is not at all indisputable law. Well from time to time you may change the order of the exercises. Thus, if the bench presses are performed at the end of training, it will create a new impetus for further growth and additional will load these group of muscles. Similarly, performing arms muscles will bring good results and will allow loading them with greater intensity. Change the duration of the intervals between repetitions, it is recommended to make breaks between sets to 30-60 seconds. In the course of further training, these breaks can be extended up to 90-120 seconds. With this you can get plenty of rest between sets and perform them more intensively, raise more weight and do more reps, in this case your training will be much more efficiently. Professional bodybuilders, working with the super heavy weight, do five-minute breaks between sets.

True, the long breaks between sets reduce the amount of fat burned during workout, but you will repay a rapid increase in muscle mass. Most of the exercises you can perform with dumbbells, barbell or other training device.

To stimulate muscle growth, you can consistently perform the sets of different exercises with no break between them. As a rule, superset consists of two exercises for opposing muscle groups. For example, you can combine bench press and Seated Face Pulls. In a composed superset are combined two sets of different exercises for the same muscle group, such as dumbbell bench press and breeding dumbbell in slope. Triset is three different exercises performed one after another, without any rest in between. Drop setsThree or four sets of one exercise performed without rest, using a lighter weight for each successive set. Despite the different names, the purpose of these methods is one – the maximum load on muscles. The traditional superset, which is performing opposing muscle groups, among other things, allows you to save time for recovery: while some muscles are working, others are resting.

The new training program

In any case, no matter how much you diversify your cycle, sooner or later, to avoid slipping into a stage of exhaustion, you’ll have to change it with a new one. Below we offer you some suitable options. Many reps against of high intensity. The main program donates period training in favor of its intensity. This means a heavy workout with a limited number of approaches. This method is ideal if you’re a beginner, rehabilitation after the injury, or simply wish to keep the existing indicators. However, you can do more voluminous program, when training consists of 20-30 sets. Experienced builders wanting to drive their muscles in a state of shock, carry on training for 10 sets of each exercise, each sets is composed of 10 repetitions. On the other hand, if you are doing 3-4 sets of each exercise, you have the chance to greatly increase the intensity of your workouts by reducing the number of approaches to one. I must say that these two ideas are not rules. Most experienced bodybuilders have successfully combined high volume and high intensity within a workout. For example, you can do 4-5 sets bench press, and then just one set for the development of abs muscles.

Strength against the masses.

You should clearly distinguish between methods of strength and endurance of the muscle building techniques. Number of reps determine what are the purpose of training program – to develop strength or increase muscle mass. Thus, the set with a small number of repetitions (3-5) is directed almost exclusively on the development of strength. The set with the average number of repetitions (6-12) is ideal for building muscle tissue. Set with a large number of repetitions (13-20) aims to increase muscle endurance. However, even within these parameters, the reaction of the muscles is very individual.

Give yourself a break

Last, but no less important element of workout is rest. Despite the fact that the success of your training is based on a constant load increases, this does not mean you have to train non-stop and constantly move forward. The work on the muscles has its cycles. So, after six weeks of hard training you need to take a week off to recover your muscles and prevent injuries due to overexertion. Timely rest will only benefit you. He will play a positive role in the construction of a physically perfect body.

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