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How to build big muscles fast

How to build big muscles fast


Everyone knows that bodybuilding is all about transforming the body by acquiring mass, symmetry and balance, with a significant reduction in body fat. It is also known that bodybuilders come in different sizes, shapes and genders. What sets one bodybuilder apart from another could easily be the thickness and fullness of the muscle mass, even if the bodybuilder is shorter or smaller than its counterpart.

There are actually two exercises that play a significant role in the body’s structure and size in the bodybuilding world. As a matter of fact, these two exercises make up about 75% of the body’s entire musculature, such as the shoulders, traps, arms, glutes, hams, calves and core muscles. The exercises responsible for such a large part of the body’s transformation are squats and deadlifts. The degree of intensity used when performing squats and deadlifts causes the body to release greater  volumes of growth hormone which causes the body to develop bigger. The degree of intensity alone will cause the bodybuilder to become stronger simply because working this large muscle group takes a lot of strength and endurance since this area of the body makes up the majority of the body’s structure.

Another important factor is resting between sets. Bodybuilders usually train with low reps and heavy weight when adding mass. If you notice during training, bodybuilders often take longer rest periods when lifting heavy weight with low reps. They also tend to take shorter rest periods when lifting lighter weights with higher reps. The reason for this resting variance is simple. When lifting heavy weight, the body exerts more energy and more strength is required to get through the set. Therefore, the bodybuilder needs to rest a little longer in order to get the breathing under control and regain the energy for the next set. When lifting lighter weights with higher reps, the rest periods are shorter because the energy exerted is nowhere near the intensity of the heavy weight set and therefore, does not require the same rest period.

Outside of the gym there is also work to be done. Diet and rest are key to muscle growth and recovery just as much training. Eating the right amount of protein and proper intake of carbohydrates and healthy fats play a significant part in how you feel in the gym when training, as well as how your body takes shape. Getting 8 or more hours of sleep each night and a significant amount of rest also gives the body time to relax and repair itself due to the punishment it takes in the gym. This period of recuperation will cause the body to grow and become stronger.

So the next time you train, train with intensity and give the body rest between sets. Feel the muscle working from the inside out, instead of just concentrating on lifting and lowering the weight. Getting inside the muscle will increase the intensity of the movement and cause it to develop more and grow, giving you the big muscles you’ve always envisioned.

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