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Find your motivation

Find your motivation


I often get asked what the secret is behind staying motivated to follow a strict diet necessary for weight loss, body toning, or lean muscle gain.

The important thing to remember is your success is not really dependent on how fastidiously you diet or exercise. In fact sticking to a ‘perfect’ formula day in and day out over weeks and weeks will in most cases eventually stop working altogether. Instead weight loss and body shaping is about being consistently motivated to stick to a few simple lifestyle principles and to introduce changes when they are necessary. Being faithful to ‘the necessary choices’ relies on having the drive to hang in there and follow through with what needs to be done even when the going gets tough.

If you find your motivation waning or are looking for that spark to get going here are some steps which may help you find the propulsion to do what’s right and achieve that body of your dreams.

Decisions, decisions

It’s important to reach the point where you have decide that it’s time to get started. You need to make a decision. Once you’ve made a decision the steps to follow through become clearer and easier to stick to. Remember the emotion follows the action so if you don’t feel particularly motivated just start acting like you do. The rest will follow. Motivation builds as a result of our decisions to take action and by acting on them. First decide, then take action.

Feel dissatisfied
No one makes significant change unless they feel a sense of dissatisfaction with their existing situation. The more unsatisfied you feel about where you are at the more energy you can build up behind you to make changes necessary to get moving towards the outcome you want. This is not about being negative or stewing about your current situation but more about using it as a reference point from which to look ahead to where you would like to be. We can all be more than what we are, and this is a healthy mindset to have. Strive to improve yourself in any areas you can.

Choose your driver
Select something that you can focus on as your ‘personal driver’. This can be anything that excites or inspires you. It might be focusing on the end goal, something, someplace, or someone that motivates you. A visual image can be a powerful tool. Cut a motivating picture out of a magazine or print something out and put it somewhere you will see it often. The fridge can be the ideal place.

Be determined
Things will come up. At times achieving your goal may seem seriously challenged by an unforeseen road block in your path. Whether that’s from work, family, friends, illness, or financial issues, resolve right from the start to overcome any adversity that stands in your way. Never give up and be determined to follow through to make your goal real. The more obstacles you successfully navigate through the more your determination and motivation will build.

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