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Essa Hassan Obaid’s Shoulder Routine

Essa Hassan Obaid’s Shoulder Routine


Rookie sensation Essa Obaid talks shoulders

He seemingly came out of nowhere. First, he won the super-heavyweight class and overall at this year’s Arnold Amateur, defeating more heavily touted bodybuilders from around the globe. Then, five months later, Essa Hassan Obaid of the United Arab Emirates, made his pro debut at the Europa Super Show. American rookies Cedric McMillan and Mark Alvisi had sat out since last year, planning to take top honors in Texas, but it was another debuting pro, Obaid, who shocked the bodybuilding world again, taking top prize and securing a place on the Mr. Olympia stage on September 24-25 with fellow rookie pro winner and last year’s Arnold Amateur champ, Roelly Winklaar. Which international rookie sensation will finish closest to the top? Find out at the 45th Mr. O.


“I do two exercises for each delt head. I think of each delt head as a separate muscle and give each its own small workout, even though they are all connected and work together to some degree. I also like to train traps after delts to tie the whole region together.”

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