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Compound exercises in your training

Compound exercises in your training


Actually, it is possible to progress without basic exercises; in other word without compound exercises, during the execution of which, the work includes several muscle groups and multiple joints.

The main arguments of adherent of basic exercise is the assertion that compound exercises involve a large number of muscle fibers, thus contributing on increase muscle mass and strength. But in order to grow, the body must receive a constant load. And if for quite a long time to provide the same load, at the end your body will not respond to the training. Besides getting used your mind is overloaded, and this is much worse. You may overtrain or lose interest in training. Generally, performing basic exercises is easy to undermine your energy source, because powerful movement not only involve a lot of muscles, but also require a lot of energy.

Another negative aspect of the basic exercises is high risk to get injury. Exercises must be performed technically correctly. Therefore, beginners should not immediately get involved in this system.

So, you have in the arsenal a huge selection of isolation exercises, that is, those which involve in the work only one muscle group. But movement whiles this workout can be seemed only in one joint. For example, the extension of the legs while sitting in an exercise machine loaded quadriceps, but the motion is seemed in the knee joint; dumbbells fly loads pectoral muscle but motion is seemed in the shoulder joint. It is believed that the isolation exercises are not suitable if you are going to gain some mass, their purpose is form and relief. But if that were the case, it would not be the main exercise in bodybuilders’ workout. This conclusion is important, because many people believe that isolation exercises create only the illusion of exercise and are not suitable for serious training.

For example, let’s take a tall man who believes that the only way to increase mass would be for him squat. But, in a time, he will find out that after the hard work the main pain occurs not at the quadriceps, but on the glutes and lower back. A good alternative will serve the hack squat machine. Goldenmuscles.com assures you in this case about hypertrophied buttocks and expanded waistline you can forget.

Now let’s talk about chest muscles. Regardless of a growing breasts from this exercise or not, most athletes start training with the Bench Press. But the main burden falls on the front deltas and triceps, but not on the chest muscles.

The same can be said of the biceps. Barbell bicep curls is one of the most loved exercise by athletes, performing this exercise can be loaded everything – arms, shoulders, lower back – except the target muscle.

The list of exercises is long. Only is it necessary? If you are convinced that the basic exercises are necessary – go ahead, but if not – look for a decent replacement. The goal can be one, but methods to achieve it – a lot.

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