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Cardio-trainer rating

Cardio-trainer rating


Exercise bike

This is probably the oldest exercise machine which first appeared in the early 70′s. Exercise bikes range from mechanical, resistance of which are adjusted by belt tension on rotating wheel, to electronic, which provide you fitness program. Since the work involves only the legs, then the responsibility for the maintenance of heart rate at the right level lies solely with them. For this, you need to work hard enough and long. It is difficult to combine such workout with legs training because you can get a overtraining.

Rating: good

Running machine

This is the most popular cardio equipment, which can be found in almost any gym. An important property of it is to control tilt. A lot of people train on them in a zero slope, which gives a minimum load. Set the maximum slope – and you will feel the difference. To maintain a given heart rate will be enough just to go without much effort and without discomfort. If you’re good trained, and this load is not enough for you – grab a weights.

Rating: excellent

Stepper machine

This cardio-trainer is close in popularity to the previous one. It was proved that you will burn more calories if you make big steps, instead of small one, as many do. You should not rely too much on the handle and facilitate in this way legs workout. Touch them lightly just to maintain balance.

Rating: excellent

Elliptical machine

In recent years this has become a very popular cardio due to the fact that it’s provides load on the entire body. Movements can be performed both forward and back, with varying degrees of resistance. A great advantage of using this trainer is the ability to use both feet and hands.

Rating: excellent

Rowing machine

These machines can be mechanical and electronic, but by some reason can be seen less and less in the gyms. The workout requires coordination of the arms, legs and back. Unlike previous cardio-trainer, on this you cannot just jump in and make things right. But if you do, you will get a great aerobic work for the whole body and maintain the desired heart rate easily. But still, this machine requires too much attention and practice to be worthwhile cardio-trainer.

Rating: good

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