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Build your lower triceps!

Build your lower triceps!


Have you noticed that most triceps exercises work the upper part of the area, yet it is the lower part of the triceps that should be worked if you really want your upper arms to look and feel impressive?
When you add mass to the lower tris you add balance to your arms, and balance makes a good arm look utterly amazing!

The other day a young man came into my office with a perturbed look on his face. “I’ve got big arms,” he said almost apologetically, “but they still don’t look impressive. People comment on the size of my arm mass, but no one tells me my arms look great.”

“Let’s take a look,” I said and, with little enthusiasm, the shirt was slowly removed. His arms were big all right. Each arm the size of hams hanging from his side. But, as he said, they lacked impressiveness. At first I considered that his arms were not eye-poppers because his bodyfat level was too high, but the young man soon kyboshed this idea when he flexed his triceps. They were cut to ribbons. Then the answer came to me. The appearance of these big arms was wrecked because there was a lack of balance. His triceps had no development in the lower area near the elbow. Now I¹m the first to admit we all have our basic inherited shapes. Some of us have narrow shoulders and wide hips. Others have narrow hips and long gangly arms. Some have naturally peaked biceps, whereas some biceps have virtually no peak at all. A predetermined, genetically designed difference in the shape and size of frame and muscle goes on and on.


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