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7 Ways To Increase Your Bench Press

7 Ways To Increase Your Bench Press


Welcome to this guide to increasing your bench press. Most people want to increase their bench press and this article will show you how. By following these essential tips you can start building a bigger bench press that will really turn heads in the gym.

Don’t overtrain

If you work the bench press too often you will quickly find yourself overtrained. Make sure you bench press no more than once a week for maximum gains and perform fewer sets. The more weight you start lifting, the longer it will take to recover and get stronger after your workout. If you are overtraining, you will find your strength going down rather than up. Good recovery is essential for getting stronger.

Build up your triceps

Your triceps play an important role in building a big bench press as they as used throughout the movement. You can build up your triceps using a variety of other exercises like dips, cable pull downs and skull crushers.

Eat more calories

In order to get stronger you will need to eat more calories. There is no way around this. If you find your bench press gains have stalled then you should take a look at your diet and make sure you are eating enough food to get stronger.

Keep your feet on the floor

Keep your feet planted firmly flat on the ground during your bench press. Keeping your feet placed flat down on the floor will give you a solid base from which to work from. You can gain a lot of power by making sure your feet are solid and do not move during the bench press movement.

Keep your reps low

In order to get stronger you will need to train with heavier weight and lower reps. If you want to build up strength you should work on 5’s, 4’s , triples, doubles and singles.

Don’t max out each week

You should try and max out over four to six weeks. If you are lifting at your maximum all the time you will put your body under too much stress and limit your ability to recover.

Get more sleep

We get stronger when we are resting. The more sleep you have, the stronger you will be.


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