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10 Advices From GoldenMuscles That Will Help You To Improve Bench Press

10 Advices From GoldenMuscles That Will Help You To Improve Bench Press


1. Work your triceps stronger!
If you want to improve your bench press, then you must works hard on the triceps. Train it strong 3 days either after or before training bench press.

2. Big sets of close grip bench press.
For effectiveness in order to build a strong triceps you need to include this exercise in your cycle.

3. Do not over train!
If your chest still hurt (because of the last workout), do not train! Overtraining will do more harm than good. 1-2 times per week is enough for your bench press.

4. Shock muscles, vary your workout program!
Your muscles tend to adjust to the same training program. So, change the program every two months, to shock your muscles in favor of increasing and improving bench press.

5. Eat more!
Everybody knows about it “Eat big to get big!” Well it is true. For improving bench press you need a meal rich in protein and carbohydrates, especially after bench press workout and before bed.

6. Work hard and rest.
Your muscles grow and repair when you rest. That is why it is so importance to sleep at least 8 hours a night. The more you will rest, the more your bench press will improve.
7. First exercise bench press.
Bench press should be the first exercise in your workout program.

8. Workout up to failure.
Take someone with you who will provide, and continue to put weight on the bar until you can do just one rep.

9. Reduce your cardio.
If you really watch to improve your bench press, a cardio workout is robbing your muscles of nutrients. Stick to weights, and 1 days of cardio.

10. Use bench press boards!
This exercise helps you to train weaknesses point, will improve bench press overall.

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