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Should you buy steroids?

Should you buy steroids?


It is not an easy matter to buy steroids anymore. In bodybuilding today, athletes and other sportsmen are faced with daily issues and problems in purchasing anabolic steroids.

The reality is that steroids do pose the risk of potential side effects, since they are not supplements but drugs. Another problem might be a pre-contest or post-contest drug control, which becomes more and more often. You have to know how to use steroids and NOT to abuse steroids when making your final decision to buy steroids.

Remember that drug addiction and drug abuse is something to contemplate with ANY product on the market. Either with day to day supplements like protein which bodybuilders use very often or drug addiction, the are both so dangerous for a bodybuilder. When you buy steroids or another drugs, always consider the risks and side effects involved. You have to do your post cycle therapy and your clomid therapy ALL the time after ANY cycle. Never do a cycle without running PCT, even though it was a lean mass cycle with the best steroids available. When you buy steroids, always buy a PCT

Here is a list of just some side effects:

• hypertension
• increased total cholesterol levels
• acne
• hair loss and baldness
• gynecomastia (gyno)
• excessive hair growth
• liver damage (often caused by  oral administration)
• excessive growth of oral gums

Be warned, that these are dangers when you buy steroids , be careful to check the law in your country for the drugs in question.  Anabolic Steroids are to be taken very seriously, always consult with a doctor before you buy steroids.  Anabolic Steroids are not recommended to be administered by individuals under 21 years of age or women.

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