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Age is not a barrier for bodybuilding

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Meet this bodybuilder – his name is Sam Bryant and I am almost sure that you will never guess how old he is. And all because this pensioner look so amazing that even many of us younger in a half can envy him.

Sam Bryant is 70, he has the title of “Best bodybuilder of Georgia” and is not going to stop here. At the same time in his old age Sam takes only vitamins.

Sam Bryant has started going to the gym at age 44, when his marriage began to fall apart. It was an excellent method to relax. After 11 months of training, Sam Bryant began to compete.

At his first competition, held in Columbus, Ga., he arrived in the wrong dress – red-white-blue t-shirt. He admits at that time he had no idea how to pose. However, despite all the difficulties, Sonny took third place among the newcomers and fourth place in the main competition.

His work weight is 192 kg. On the question of how he manages to stay in such great shape at age 70, Sam Bryant replied: “If you start thinking about how old you are, consciousness takes this idea and your body really get old. That is why I simply do not think about this”.

“People often ask me when I’m going to retire. My answer: “Never!”  He says – Among older people more likely dies, those that have retired. I love working, I love going to the gym. I am training for 27 years. ”

Sonny works the night shift and twice a day visits the gym to keep his body perfect. Bodybuilding brought him more titles and trophies than he could ever count.

Nasser El Sonbaty Dead at 47! October 15, 1965 – March 20, 2013

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A tragic story is sending shocks throughout the industry! Nobody knows exactly how this has happened yet, but unconfirmed reports are that Nasser El Sonbaty has passed away at the age of 47. According to IFBB Pro Shawn Ray, the word on the street is that Nasser had kidney failure from kidney infection. Rest in Peace.

IFBB Pro League Contest History

  • 1990 Grand Prix Finland, 8th
  • 1990 Grand Prix France, 7th read more »

Christmas Season Sale!!!

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2012 Sheru Classic: Phil Heath wins followed by Kai Greene and Toney Freeman

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Here we are… jut pasted one of the most exciting competitions in bodybuilding – Sheru 2012. In long-awaited battle between Kai Greene and Phil Heath, Phil took the trophy. In any case the most predictable was IFBB Pro Bodybuilding in which first 3 places was taken by the most famous bodybuilders. Here are the results:

IFBB Pro Bodybuilding – Open
Phil Heath SHeru 20121. Phil Heath – $60,000
2. Kai Greene – $40,000
3. Toney Freeman – $20,000
4. Roelly Winklaar – $15,000
5. Michael Kefalianos – $10,000 read more »

2012 Sheru Classic – Very bad day for Dave Palumbo

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Not a good period occurred for Dave Palumbo at Sheru Classic 2012. Today he tore his tendons and quad muscle when falling down the stairs at the gym. The damage was very serious that is why he needs to go to hospital where the knee was drained. Tonight Dave Palumbo is planning on flying back the USA for surgery.

Wish him quick recovery!

X-MAN Toney Freeman 9 Days Out of the O!

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X-MAN Toney Freeman 9 Days Out of the O!

Michael Clarke Duncan dead

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His heart can’t resist this time –on September 3 at age 54 died the miraculous mountain of muscle actor Michael Clarke Duncan. Duncan suffered the myocardial infarction on July and never fully recovered. He spends his last days at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where he was being treated for a heart attack.

Michael Clarke Duncan was born in Chicago in 1957 and was raised by a single mother whose resistance to his playing football led to his deciding he wanted to become an actor. At the time his mother became ill, he dropped out of college and worked as a ditch digger and bouncer to support her. Being 6-foot-5, 325-pound Duncan previously worked as a bodyguard for Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and Brooklyn rapper Christopher Wallace. He turned to acting in his 30 years old.

In 1998, he debuted with his first significant movie part, playing Bear in the film “Armageddon”.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Duncan had two completed projects that have yet to be released on a nationwide basis. He is slated to appear in “The Challenger,” a boxing movie written and directed by Kent Moran. He will also appear in the Robert Townsend film, “In the Hive,” about an alternative school for boys who have been kicked out of other schools.

Pro Bodybuilding & Fitness event, Sheru Classic Delhi 2012, to be held on 6th October

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After getting great response from the inaugural event in Mumbai last year, Sheru Classic Professional Championship is all geared up to set new standards in the field of Bodybuilding with its second edition in Delhi (India). This year the event promises to be bigger and better and will offer a cash prize worth $210,000, the world’s third largest in this category .In addition the main championship, Sheru Classic Delhi 2012 will also comprise of the Sheru Classic Health & Fitness Expo which will be held over two days (5th-6th October) with opportunities for the entire Health and Fitness industry, including fans, fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers, to interact with each other and with their favorite domestic as well as international athletes.

Sheru Classic Professional Championship 2012 is Asia’s only IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness) Pro League Event and will witness fierce competition between some of the world’s best Professional Bodybuilders, including Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Toney Freeman and Kai Green. read more »

The oldest Mr. Universe celebrate his anniversary.

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“Written by GoldenMuscles”. Being 4 foot 11 inches Mr. Universe 1952 – Manohar Aich – just turned 100 years. He lives in KOLKATA, India and his room is still decorated with posters and pictures of his many bodybuilding triumphs. By asking him the secret of his longevity he answer that happiness and life without tensions help him to maintain his health. During his career he overcame many hurdles, including grinding poverty and a stint in prison.

He confirms that fruits, vegetables, milk, fish and rice are perfect meal for bodybuilders and athletes.  Also Manohar Aich is against smoking and alcohol.

Being born in a small town during the school year he was attracted f by the athleticism. Aich begin his bodybuilding career in 1942 when he joined the Royal Air Force under India’s British colonial rulers. He was encouraged by a British officer named Reub Martin, who introduced him to weight training. There Aich earned praise for his physique from his peers in the air force. read more »

Jay Cutler is back in the gym!

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Jay Cutler is back in the gym! A little weakened but probably more psychologically than physical. However we wish him a speedy recovery and success. Happy to see you working again! Good luck !!!

read more »

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