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Kat’s Countdown – Prep Update & Helpful Tips

Kat’s Countdown – Prep Update & Helpful Tips


The current cover girl of Muscle & Fitness Hers, Kathleen Tesori is back to share some insight on how last week went and a few helpful tips. If you have a question for Kat visit her web site (kathleentesori.com) or post in the comments below.

Last Friday I went to a BBQ with a bunch of local and national competitors. It was nice to get together with people who have the same hobby/career. All the dishes were competition friendly which is a rare treat so it was easy to stay on track. I brought fat free banana bread made with protein, protein peanut butter cookies and sweet potato fries.

Saturday I went on an overnight trip to a casino which had a great pool, tasty seafood restaurant and a good size gym. I brought a cooler up to my room with plenty of drinks, meat and veggies. My 32 ounce Powerade Zero with a straw got me through the night. I enjoy having drinks with friends so it can be a challenge explaining why I cannot even have a single shot with them.

I guess why I am sharing my plans with you is because so many girls tell me how they isolate themselves during their prep because they “felt” isolation was the only way to be successful. These same girls and are now leaning away from competing because they do not want to miss out on friend and family plans. Friends and family are more likely to accept your competition lifestyle if you come around while prepping instead of shying away.

I have been competing in different events since 2005 and it took some time to find balance and figure out creative ways to make going with the flow possible. If you live a healthy fit lifestyle year round it makes getting ready for shows a bit easier. Some people might not have strong will power and in that case isolation maybe the best way. I tell my friends and family not to worry about my needs tell me the plans and I will make something work.

Traveling can be easy
Traveling by car makes things easy because you can bring a cooler. If you are traveling by plane bring a cooler with you and once you make it through security stop by one of the shops to fill up a freezer bag with ice. If you ever have to transport eggs when you travel just buy one of those egg holders used for camping. I bought a book bag style cooler from Target that works great when traveling.

Facebook and Snacking
A few weeks ago I was really fighting huger pains and the urge to snack so I created a post on facebook and received an overwhelming response. Here is a list of things people suggested I try:

• Hot tea was the biggest thing mentioned – I started drinking at least one cup a day
• Eating shredded cabbage with lemon juice and vinegar – this is absolutely amazing (Thank you Jamie Eason)
• Make protein shakes with less water
• Chew gum – this contest prep I gave up chewing gum

There are so many great sites, magazines and forums to find information or ask questions. I have found asking Pro Athletes for advice works really well too – visit the sites of your favorite athletes.

Favorites for the moment
A few favorite things of mine right now are:
•  Cucumbers with a sprinkle “a sprinkle” of sea salt and sugar substitute. Cucumbers taste great plain but sometimes when I can having a craving I will add some toppings to make it an extra special treat. Cucumbers are great because they can be eaten like an apple, are so refreshing and great for travel.

•  Tilapia cooked with a combination of Chicken and Extra Spicy Mrs. Dash seasoning.

•  True Lemon (truelemon.com) This helps me get my water in, fights my urge to snack, chew gum or drink diet sodas. I do not use more than two packets a day.

This weekend (Editor’s note: Actually last weekend as this was written last week)
I am headed to Moab to go River Rafting with the girls for Breast Cancer Awareness. I have my food and supplements packed, my hotel has a gym and I found a gym in town. I am ready for a great stress free trip without skipping a beat of my contest prep.

Hope you found this information helpful… I just write down thoughts I have during the week and share.

Make it a great day!


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