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Norethandrolone represent a moderate anabolic steroid with moderate androgenic proprieties.
Norethandrolone is widely used for medical purpose, for treating ulcer, anorexia nervosa, and severe burns.
Being 19-nor steroid, Norethandrolone can stop natural production of testosterone and HPTA that is why in bodybuilding is often compared with Nandrolone.
Very often Norethandrolone is taken by bodybuilders/athletes who participate in contests because of the result obtained after its administration, which are hard and well defined muscles. Norethandrolone also help to improve muscle mass and strength too.
Norethandrolone is considered to be a relatively strong bind to the androgen receptor, which is positively correlated with lypolysis, that is means that it is good fat-burning and can be used in cutting cycles.  Norethandrolone is taken by sportsmen in bulking cycles too. Bodybuilders /athletes should always remember that Norethandrolone has the proprieties to aromatize, that is why such side effects as gyno and water retention are often noticed. In order to avoid them or to keep at minimum level sportsmen are recommended to take an antiestrogen drug such as  Nolvadex or Proviron.
Effective dose for male bodybuilders/athletes is 20-40 mg/day. Female usually take 5-10 mg/day although because of side effects that can occur they are not recommended to use this supplement.

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