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In following example we describe some programs of achieving the effective results. It is shouldn’t take as a recommendations. In case of side effects the GoldenMuscles staff do not take responsibilities.

Example 1

5 mg tab
5000 i.u.
10/25 mg tab.
50 mg/
1-st week15 mg/d200 mg/w    
2-nd week20 mg/d200 mg/w    
3-d week25 mg/d200 mg/w    
430 mg/d300 mg/w    
530 mg/d400 mg/w 10/25 mg/d  
625  mg/d300 mg/w 10/25 mg/d  
720 mg/d200 mg/w 10/25 mg/d  
815 mg/d100 mg/w7000 i.u./w10/25 mg/d  
9  7000 i.u./w10/25 mg/d  
10  7000 i.u./w10/25 mg/d  
11    200 mg/w100 mg/w
12    200 mg/w150 mg/w
13    300 mg/w150 mg/w
14    300 mg/w150 mg/w
15    200 mg/w100 mg/w
16    100 mg/w50 mg/w
17  7000 i.u./w   
18  7000 i.u./w   

d=day    w=week

The Dianabol/Deca-Durabolin stack has proven effective for the rapid build up of strength and muscle mass. In order to avoid an increased estrogen level and excessive water retention the combined intake of Nolvadex and Proviron, both anti-estrogens, is sensible. HCG will normalize the probably reduced testosterone production. The following Primobolan/Winstrol stack will not increase the body weight and the strength but will help to harden the newly-gained muscle mass. if the athlete suspends this program with the Dianabol/Deca intake a considerable performance breakdown is very likely to follow. Due to the cyclic application of the various steroids the saturation of the receptors is minimized. The two-week suspension of intake (weeks 9 and 10) helps bring back the endogenous testosterone production and gives the steroid receptors time to regenerate so that the following Primo/Winstrol stack can be effective. Beginning in week 17 the intake of anti-catabolic substances such as Clenbuterol should also be considered in order to absorb the beginning catabolic phase and to maintain a maximum of strength and muscle mass. Athletes use Clenbuterol for this purpose in a dosage of 120 mcg/day over a period of 4-8 weeks. Those who would like to make fast progress limit the intake of Clenbuterol to only four weeks until the next steroid cycle while athletes with more patience continue over the entire eight weeks. The suspension of the intake during the ninth and tenth weeks by some is also over bridged with Clenbuterol instead of HCG. Example one is usually suitable for steroid novices; however, lower dosages must be used.

Example 2

5 mg tab
Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg/mlHGG 5 000Clenbuterol 0.02 mg tab.
1-st week15 mg/d200 mg/w   
2-nd week20 mg/d200 mg/w   
3-d week25 mg/d200 mg/w   
430 mg/d200 mg/w   
535 mg/d200 mg/w 7000 i.u./w 
640 mg/d200 mg/w 7000 i.u./w 
7 400 mg/w500 mg/w  
8 400 mg/w500 mg/w  
9 400 mg/w500 mg/w  
10 200 mg/w500 mg/w  
11 200 mg/w500 mg/w  
12 100 mg/w250 mg/w7000 i.u./w 
13 50 mg/w 7000 i.u./w80 mcg/d
14-20   7000 i.u./w120 mcg/d

d=day    w=week

With this program considerable gains in strength and muscle mass can be obtained. Deca is used as a strong anabolic steroid which promotes protein synthesis but is only moderately androgenic and is non-toxic over the entire 12 weeks. The intake of Dianabol is limited to six weeks since the gains with Dianabol occur more rapidly but often slow down after about six weeks. The athlete therefore takes optimal advantage of its effect. Since Dianabol is 17-alpha alkylated and thus potentially liver-toxic, the short time of intake is appropriate in this regard. The intake of Testosterone enanthate as the strongest of the three, together with its pronounced androgenic effect, gives another distinct performance improvement. By stimulating the various steroid receptors considerably better results can be obtained than if the athletes had taken Dianabol and Deca over the entire 12 weeks. HCG and Clenbuterol help to increase the testosterone production or to reduce the catabolic phase after use of the compound is discontinued. Also in this case the interval of the subsequent intake of Clenbuterol depends on the goals of the individual athlete. Experience has shown that an interval of four weeks is sufficient to create the basis for a further steroid cycle. The athlete should also consider the intake of Nolvadex/Proviron.

Example 3

50 mg tab
Sustanon 250 mg/mlDianabol 5 mg tab.Parabolan
100mg/miDeca 5000 i.u.HGG 0.02mg tab.
1-st week50 mg/d      
2-nd week100 mg/d      
3-d week150 mg/d250 mg/w     
4 500 mg/w     
5 500 mg/w20 mg/d    
6  25 mg/d    
7  30 mg/d152 mg/w   
8   228 mg/w   
9   228 mg/w400 mg/w  
10    400 mg/w  
11    400 mg/w  
12    200 mg/w7000 i.u./w 
13     7000 i.u./w80 mcg
14     7000 i.u./w120 mcg
15-20      120 mcg

d=day    w=week

This is one of the favorite steroid cycles. Every steroid is used for only three weeks. The idea behind this is that the individual steroid cannot lead to a saturation of the receptors as is the case if one or two steroids is taken over the entire period. This leads not only to good overall results but also to a continuous effect. Possible lower dosages also result in lower side effects. Usually one begins with the strongest, most effective steroid and then, step by step, changes to the less androgenic and less toxic steroids. The intake of Nolvadex/Proviron should be considered especially during weeks 3-7 and 12-14. Example 3 is not for steroid novices.

Example 4

 OxondroloneWinstrol DepotParabolan.MasteronClenbuterolCytomel
1-st week20 mg/d100 mg/w76 mg/w 80 mcg/d 
2-nd week20 mg/d100 mg/w152 mg/w 120 mcg/d 
3-d week25 mg/d100 mg/w152 mg/w 120 mcg/d 
425 mg/d100 mg/w152 mg/w 120 mcg/d 
525 mg/d100 mg/w228 mg/w 120 mcg/d 
630  mg/d100 mg/w228 mg/w 120 mcg/d 
730 mg/d100 mg/w228 mg/w 120 mcg/d 
830 mg/d100 mg/w228 mg/w 120 mcg/d 
930 mg/d100 mg/w 300 mg/w120 mcg/d25 mcg/d
1030 mg/d100 mg/w 300 mg/w120 mcg/d50 mcg/d
1130 mg/d100 mg/w 300 mg/w120 mcg/d75 mcg/d
1230 mg/d100 mg/w 300 mg/w120 mcg/d100 mcg/d

d=day    w=week

This example is a commonly used program for the preparation of a competition. The listed steroid normally do not aromatize and do not draw water. Parabolan maintains an elevated androgen level and prevents an over-training syndrome. Since Parabolan is quite toxic many athletes switch to the similar effective but “milder” Masteron after a few weeks. The other options is to use Masteron during the first four weeks and to begin the intake of Parabolan only in the fifth week. The intake of Nolvadex and Proviron is possible but not really necessary. Clenbuterol accelerates the burning of fat which during the later weeks is further increased by the addictive intake of Cytomel. Many athletes often use Example 4 to build up a high quality muscle system. The strength gain that goes with it is considerable. The use of Clenbuterol and Cytomel is not applicable in this case and dosages are usually reduced in the last 3-4 weeks. Steroid novices should not take this steroid treatment.

Example 5

50 mg tab
Sustanon 250 mg/mlWinstrol Depot 50mg/mlParabolan
Dianabol 5 mg tab.Deca 5000 i.u.
1-st week50 mg/d250 mg/w    
2-nd week100 mg/d250 mg/w    
3-d week100 mg/d500 mg/w    
4100 mg/d500 mg/w    
5100 mg/d250 mg/w    
650 mg/d250 mg/w    
7  100 mg/w152 mg/w  
8  150 mg/w152mg/w  
9  150 mg/w152 mg/w  
10  150 mg/w152 mg/w  
11  150 mg/w152 mg/w  
12  100 mg/w152 mg/w  
13    20 mg/d200 mg/w
14    25 mg/d300 mg/w
15    30 mg/d400 mg/w
16    25 mg/d300 mg/w
17    20 mg/d200 mg/w

d=day    w=week

Athletes who use steroids over several months without suspension -there are many of those-often combine two steroids, mostly one oral and one injectable, hoping that a synergetic effect will occur. In order to assure a continued effect over a prolonged period of time without increasing the dosages to boundless quantities, steroid users often switch to a completely different combination after six weeks. Several athletes often suspend the intake for two weeks and over bridge this time by taking HCG and/or Clenbuterol. It is not uncommon for bodybuilders in the eighteenth week to start over again or continue the intake with a new combination. The use of testosterone-stimulating compounds (HCG, Clomid) and anti-estrogens (Nolvadex, Proviron) should be considered in certain phases. The non-stop use of anabolic/androgenic steroids is customary, particularly with ambitious (competing) athletes. In the Winstrol, Parabolan combination some replace Parabolan with Primobolan Depot. The goal sought by switching these two compounds is the creation of a pattern of a strongly androgenic potentially toxic cycle (Anadrol, Sustanon) followed by a predominantly anabolic, less toxic cycle (Winstrol, Primobolan), followed by another more androgenic cycle (Dianabol, Deca). By doing this not only are serious side effects avoided but the androgenic receptors in the muscle cell also have time to recover. Empirical data confirming that continuous progress can be made by taking steroids over several months when two to three compounds are combined in moderate dosages over a relatively short period.

Example 6

2.5 mg
40mg caps.
Deca-Durabolin 100 mg/mlClenbuterol 0.02 mg tab.
1-st week10 mg/d200 mg/w100 mg/w 
2-nd week15 mg/d200 mg/w200 mg/w 
3-d week20 mg/d240 mg/w200 mg/w 
420 mg/d240 mg/w200 mg/w 
520 mg/d240 mg/w200 mg/w 
620 mg/d240 mg/w200 mg/w 
720 mg/d240 mg/w200 mg/w 
820 mg/d240 mg/w200 mg/w 
915 mg/d240 mg/w200 mg/w 
1010 mg/d200 mg/w200 mg/w 
11 160 mg/w200 mg/w 
12  100 mg/w 
13  50 mg/w80 mcg/d
14   120 mcg/d

d=day    w=week

This is a relatively “mild- steroid program that brings good results with only few side effects. Oxandrolone leads to an increase in strength, does not aromatize, does not suppress the body’s own testosterone production and is only lightly androgenic. Since Oxandrolone, in the meantime, is difficult to find some use the 2 mg Winstrol tablets instead. Deca accelerates protein synthesis and is not potentially liver-toxic. The Andriol included in the Testosterone undecanoate promotes regeneration, does not aromatize, is not I 7-alpha alkylated and has no distinct, inhibiting effect on the gonadal regulatory cycle. Athletes who experience changes in their liver values or fear a liver dysfunction should not take Oxandrolone. Some take Clenbuterol instead. The additional use of HCG, Nolvadex and Proviron is usually not required. Since Clenbuterol works well during the steroid-free time athletes take it after such a treatment. The reason for a twelve-week uninterrupted interval of intake is that this cycle does not cause rapid gains. Instead, it needs a certain initial time to allow even, continuous improvements over several weeks. Discontinuing or changing to another compound after 4-6 weeks would be counterproductive in this case.

Example 7

Testo Prop. 50 mg/mlClenbuterol 0.02 mg tab.Dianabol
5 mg tab
Pimobolan S 25 mg tabWinstrol Depot 50 mg/ml
1-st week10 mg/d50 mg/w50 mg/w    
2-nd week12.5 mg/d50 mg/w50 mg/w    
3-d week15 mg/d50 mg/w50 mg/w    
415 mg/d50 mg/w50 mg/w    
512.5 mg/d50 mg/w50 mg/w    
610 mg/d50 mg/w     
7-10   80 mcg/d   
11    10 mg/w  
12    10 mg/w  
13    10 mg/w  
14     50 mg/d50 mg/w
15     75 mg/d50 mg/w
16     50 mg/d50 mg/w
17-24   80 mcg/d   

d=day    w=week

This steroid program is used by women. Oxandrolone gives a distinct strength gain and is only minimally androgenic. Because of its predominantly anabolic effect Deca helps transform the gained strength into solid body tissue. Use of the shorter effective Durabolin should be given a preference; however, due to its poor availability this is almost impossible. Deca is much more readily available. Testosterone propionate promotes regeneration; however, based on its possible androgenic-caused side effects it should not be taken for more than four weeks. Propionate and Deca are injected in intervals of 3-4 days. Women who have problems with this take Deca and Propionate alternately once every two weeks. The short duration of intake, a maximum of six weeks, is important as is the following four-week suspension of the steroid. Although 10 mg Dianabol are as androgenic as the daily testosterone production in a man, most women can usually make remarkable progress in a short time. The Primo tablets are not 1 7-alpha alkylated, only slightly androgenic and work quite well when combined with the injectable Winnies. The use of 20 mg Nolvadex/day should be considered in the fir9t four weeks and possibly in weeks 11-13. This can reduce possible side effects; at the same time, however, the effectiveness of this program is reduced as well.

Example 8

50 mg tab
Sustanon 250 mg/mlParabolan
Dianabol 5 mg tab.HCG 5000 i.u.Clebuterol 0.02 mg tab.
1-st week50 mg/d250 mg/w76 mg/w   
2-nd week100 mg/d500 mg/w152 mg/w   
3-d week150 mg/d500 mg/w152 mg/w   
4150 mg/d500 mg/w152 mg/w   
5 500 mg/w152 mg/w40 mg/d7000 i.u./w 
6 500 mg/w152 mg/w35 mg/d7000 i.u./w 
7 500 mg/w152 mg/w35 mg/d  
8 500 mg/w76mg/w25 mg/d  
9 250 mg/w 20 mg/d  
10 250 mg/w 15 mg/d  
11   10 mg/d7000 i.u./w 
12    7000 i.u./w80 mcg/d
13    7000 i.u./w120 mcg/d
14-20     120 mcg/d

d=day    w=week

With this program athletes usually achieve an enormous improvement in strength and muscle mass. Anadrol -works very quickly and stores a high amount of water. Since it is very liver-toxic and has many side effects, athletes often change to Dianabol after four weeks. Further, the gain obtained by taking Anadrol usually subsides considerably after this time. The strong androgenic steroids Sustanon and Parabolan also continue to promote the growth, considerably accelerate regeneration, and strongly increase aggressiveness. The side effects, in part, can be considerable. Most athletes also use Nolvadex and/or Proviron. Despite all these safety measures in the suspension phase (HCG, Clomid, -Clenbuterol, and possibly Cytadren) a distinct breakdown cannot be avoided. Since Parabolan is difficult to obtain, some use Deca instead (200-400 mg/week). For health reasons, in particular, Anadrol and Parabolan should not be taken for a prolonged period of time. Athletes who do not have much experience with steroids should not use this program.

Example 9

 Dianabol 5 mg tab.Deca 5000 i.u.Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg/mlOral-Turlnabol 5mg tab.HCG 5000 W.
1-st week20 mg/d    
2-nd week25 mg/d200 mg/w   
3-d week30 mg/d300 mg/w250 mg/w  
4 400 mg/w500 mg/w30 mg/d 
5  750 mg/w35 mg/d 
6   40 mg/d7000 i.u./w
730 mg/d   7000 i.u./w
825 mg/d400 mg/w   
920 mg/d300 mg/w750 mg/w  
10 200 mg/w500 mg/w40 mg/d 
11  250 mg/w35 mg/d 
12   30 mg/d7000 i.u./w
13    7000 i.u./w
14    7000 i.u./w

d=day    w=week

This program is quite similar to Example 3 except that three instead of two compounds are taken. In this program the athlete takes increasing dosages during the first six weeks and in the following six weeks continues the program with lower dosages. It is interesting to note during the second half of the intake the athlete continues to achieve further, distinct gains. Another significant performance improvement can be noticed during weeks 9 and 10. Because of the various graduated dosages and different steroid combinations receptor saturation is avoided and growth is continuously forced. In weeks 3-5 and 9-10 the intake of anti-estrogens might be indicated. In order to maintain the achieved results Clenbuterol is often used beginning in week 13. Steroid novices should not use such a program.

Example 10

 Dianabol 5 mg tab.Winstrol DepotTestosterone Propionate 50 mg/mlClebuterol 0.02 mg tab.
1-st week15 mg/d50 mg/w50 mg/w 
2-nd week20 mg/d100 mg/w100 mg/w 
3-d week25 mg/d150 mg/w150 mg/w 
430 mg/d150 mg/w150 mg/w 
530 mg/d150 mg/w150 mg/w 
625 mg/d150 mg/w150 mg/w 
720 mg/d150 mg/w150 mg/w 
815 mg/d100 mg/w150 mg/w 
9 50 mg/w100 mg/w 
10  50 mg/w80 mcg/d
11-20   120 mcg/d

d=day    w=week

This program is included in athletes’ most frequently used system. One combines two or three steroids over a period of 8-12 weeks. An oral compound is usually combined with an injectable compound. The dosage is first increased, then maintained for some time, and finally reduced. Some also use anti-estrogens such as HCG and/or Clenbuterol at the end of the treatment.

source: http://www.domesticgear.com/cyclesandstacking.html

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