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Main principle of bodybuilding

Main principle of bodybuilding


Main principle of bodybuilding
Exist a lot of myths about importance of diet and exercise in bodybuilding. Each of them is important. There are many so-called “experts” that says that “diet – represent 85% of success” or “not important exercise as a diet.” Goldenmuscles is convinced that such statements is nonsense! To achieve results, and to ensure that time spent in the gym will give 100% result, you need to combine exercise with diet. Only together they will bring you wished goal! In the bodybuilding food is the fuel that your body need for growth, training and drive the process of the formation of muscles.

What does in professional sport an athlete need  to succeed in their field? Special sports training and, again, proper nutrition, which make body work. The same can be said about supplements. They are a diet supplement. We do not even give out them in a separate budget item, they usually come in ‘supplements”. It appears in one famous journal – “eat to live but not live to eat.” And Goldenmuscle agree that food is necessary for the body function, health, and for achieving physical goals. For example, from fish oil, we obtain the required fatty acids as EPA and DHA. American diet does not include the consumption of omega-3, this is the reason of the imbalance of omega-3 and omega-6. That’s why we can recommend to use fish oil. This is not only a very useful product, yet it helps with insulin sensitivity, helps to lose weight, and is required for such complex diseases, such as mental disorders and dyslexia. To make sure your body has enough fatty acids, you need to eat a lot of fish, but not everybody can. So you can take fish oil capsules.

Now a few words about the psychological aspects. Attitude and perseverance – this is important during training; for diet and exercise – most importantly – it’s regularity. To exercise regularly and keep a diet, you need considerable fortitude – so the psychological aspects in the sport are always important. To sum up when training is necessary to consider all the factors. The strength of spirit, a good diet and regular exercise will give you amazing results and attractive body!

Now lets talk about “ideal food” (when you are preparing for a competition)?
At the moment you training your body consumes and spends a lot more calories than before. At that time, your diet must contain mainly protein and fat, but do not forget about carbs in order to stop the loss of muscle mass. In the end, the results will exceed your wildest expectations.

So here is an example of typical meal:

• 230 grams of chicken breast or lean meat

• 230 g sweet potato or potato

• A tablespoon of macadamia nut oil

• Broccoli (as much as I can eat)

Goldenmusle will tell you why we chose these products. Proteins and fats are used as “building blocks” for muscle mass and burn fat. In this daily diet there are many amino acids and essential fats, but there are no necessary carbohydrates. That’s where there are carbohydrates. After all, carbs help the proteins and fats to increase muscle mass, and the body gets the energy it needs from carbohydrates. Vegetables are good, they give us fiber, by the way nutshell contains a lot of it. Macadamia nut oil contains monounsaturated fats that are essential for health and well affect the constitution of the body.

Before and after training is good to take 40 grams of whey protein.

10 foods that athletes must use.
Actually it’s not a simple question. Any food is appropriate, even the cookies and ice cream, as such is not a dietary food, if it is scheduled, and you eat it wisely. Well, now the list:
1. Lean beef: beef contain a lot of protein and linoleic acids, and healthy fats.
2. Saturated with omega-3 fatty acids DHA domestic chicken eggs.
3. Sweet potato: rich in carbohydrates and macronutrients, as well as potassium.
4. Macadamia nut oil, extra virgin olive oil.
5. Broccoli.
6. Whey protein: protein source that reduces appetite and is ideal before and after training.
7. Coconut oil and coconut milk.
8. Peanut and almond oil.
9. Seafood: sea salmon, tilapia, shrimp and crabs.
10. Chicken: Well, and what bodybuilders diet without chicken.

Bodybuilding can make your life better, but do not try to replace your life with it. It teaches people to constancy and determination. Use these basic principles of bodybuilding, they will help you in a career, in the family and in relationships with friends. Bodybuilding reasonable purposes only bring good.

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