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How to beat nighttime food cravings

How to beat nighttime food cravings


So you sometimes have out of control food urges in the evenings? Welcome to my world. One question I often get asked is how to stop nightly cravings. Losing control at night is one way to stop fat loss dead. To shed those layers you’re going to have to get to grips with nighttime eating.

If you arrive home starving because you missed 1 or 2 of your sheduled meals during the day then you’re in trouble. Remember the way to a lean body is eating 6 smallish meals each day, and each one must have a good sized protein portion. Eating like this is one of the best steps you can take to stop cravings getting the better of you so it’s worth getting into the habit.

Certain foods can trigger cravings, generally carbohydrates do this. You should really be tapering carbs off from mid afternoon anyway, but if you do eat carbs at night then stick to Low GI carbs only. If you eat carbs like white rice, bread, baked potatoes, pasta etc then be warned they may stimulate your appetite and lead you to eat too much.

When your goal is fast fat loss then at evening meals it’s best to cut out carbs altogether and stick to protein servings with plenty of low carb veges. Eat as many low carb veges as you want to. Include some healthy fats as well.

Another trigger for cravings is alcohol. If your aim is to lose the pooch and you drink alcohol at night then you probably aren’t going to get far. Eventually you’ll hit a wall. So better to stay off the alcohol if you can do it.

The old 1 or 2 glasses of water trick is another way to fill the hole in the stomach if it starts grumbling.

So what if you feel like something sweet? The only thing for it is plain fruit. Have an apple, kiwifruit, or maybe some berries – no canned varieties, whole fresh fruit only please.

If you happen to supplement with L-Glutamine powder then try a small amount placed on the tastebuds on the tip of your tongue, this can offset sugar cravings. This is one of the tips from my ‘Hyper Burn’ guide.

Another tip from ‘Hyper Burn’, Whey Protein contains Phenylalanine in high amounts. This amino acid can keep appetite under control and satisfy hunger. That’s why bodybuilders and models live on whey protein shakes when they’re dieting. It makes life A LOT more bearable.

And finally, if you feel like you’re gonna crack big time one trick that can douse the hunger fire is to go and brush your teeth. As weird as it sounds it works. Try it and see. Toothpaste is excellent for giving food cravings a cold shower.

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