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Fat Burners

Fat Burners


Fat burners are such preparations that contain major components assisting the process of fat loss such as L-carnitine, ephedrine, caffeine and guarana extract. All fat burners can be divided into 2 groups: thermogenics and lipotropics.

Thermogenic effect is based on body temperature increase (on the average in 0.5-2.0 °C) that leads to the situation when our organism requires additional calories and gets them with the help of decomposition of its own fats. The biggest advantage of these preparations is that their base is constituted by different plant extracts. It’s also worth mentioning that thermogenics also increase our endurance.

Thermogenics block fat synthesis in the liver and increase decomposition of fatty tissues into fatty acids.

The maximum fat burning effect takes place if a preparation combines both thermogenics and lipotropics. Some people, when taking fat burners, are afraid that they can lead to decrease of muscle cells as well. But you shouldn’t be afraid: your protein molecules are safe. All you need to do is to assure enough protein to come to your organism (approximately 3rg per 1kg of body weight).

Main components of fat burners (review)

Ephedrine (Ma huang): is not an anabolic steroid. When taken together with aspirin and caffeine it speeds up metabolism and fat burning. Ephedrine also suppresses our appetite.

Caffeine: is an artificial component of sport preparations. It’s a classic psychomotor stimulant which takes an excitant effect on our nervous system, reduces fatigue feeling and, at the same time, physical activity level. Caffeine intake increases the rate of heat beats, perspiration and body temperature; it also improves our mood. In case of excessive use it causes psychological and physical addiction what can lead to nervous system exhaustion.

Guarana: is a natural caffeine that is made of liana seeds. It can stay in our organism and support high energy level for quite a long time. Guarana doesn’t excite but stimulates our nervous system.

L-carnitine: reduces cholesterol blood level and speeds up fat metabolism.

Chromium: increases the effect of thermogenics and L-carnitine.

Bala – extract of the plant sida cordifolia. It’s considered the most effective component of fat burning process because it speeds up fat metabolism and plays an important role in the processes of energy production and reduction of cholesterol blood level.

Fat burners that contain caffeine and ephedrine would be much more effective if you try to fulfil your decision to lose weight in the most serious way. Unfortunately, nowadays this type of fat burners is prohibited in many countries.

Fat Burners Safety Measures

People having heart disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes and prostatitis should be especially attentive when taking thermogenics. They’d better consult their doctors before using these preparations.

It’s not advisable to take this kind of preparations in the evening because their effect can cause sleep disturbance.

At signs of nervous excitation, irritability, nausea, insomnia, headache and allergy you should either cut up the dose or stop taking the preparation immediately.

You should take fat burners within the limits of certain treatment courses (2-4 weeks with obligatory 1-2 week’s interval); otherwise you can get addicted to the preparation and its efficiency will grow lower.

Before starting taking a course of fat burners you’d better support your organism with taking of polyvitamins.

It’s very effective to combine taking of fat burners with low-fat diet and jogging.

Popular fat burners:

Fat Burners for Women (Universal prod.): this product contains three important components: choline, inositol and chromium picolinate + L-carnitine, dl-methionine and HCL betaine.

Ripped fast 2 (Universal prod.): contains powerful lipotropins, energy substances and plant diuretics. It provides high nutrition activity.

Thermo-cuts (Optimum Nutrition prod.): contains chromium, Ma huang, guarana extraction, L-carnitine, Cambodian Garcinia extract and White Willow.

Fat burner tips:

–        buy only those fat burners that were produced by well-known companies that specialize in sports food;

–        have a week interval after each 2-4 weeks of fat burner taking in order to avoid addiction;

–        take into account that, when taking thermogenics, your body temperature will be increased in 0.5-2 °C;

–        take thermogenics before eating with plenty of water;

–        it’s not recommended to take thermogenics before going to sleep;

–        due to the fact that taking thermogenics causes increased perspiration you’d better take them together with vitamin and mineral supplements and plenty of water;

–        at the first signs of nervous excitation, shivering, sleepiness, nausea or loss of appetite you should either cut up the preparation dose or stop taking it immediately.


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