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Creatine Side Effects

Creatine Side Effects


As far as I know, the best part about creatine is that there are no adverse side effects of creatine. As far as reported by studies, creatine is totally safe and works as a very effective supplement. Although, there are no risks of taking creatine, but we don’t know about its long-term effects as the record of research is relatively recent.

Just like every supplement it is not recommended to over-supplement creatine once your muscles have achieved the saturation value. That is, you should only take the dosage recommended by your doctor or as written on the bottle. A conservative approach is to plan to use creatine only for limited periods before taking a substantial break from it so the body can re-set to normal functioning.

Many experiments performed on creatine have shown that creatine does not contain any adverse side effect as such but the only effect of taking creatine is that after taking creatine supplement you will experience an increase in body mass. But, that is the thing I think that all bodybuilders and athletes would love to have.

Creatine Side Effects

However, in a three-year study designed to find out whether these creatine side effects really do exist, creatine had no effect on the incidence of injury or cramping in a group of American footballers. Although, no negative side effects have ever been noted in the research but, then also some effects that you may physically experience may be:

  • Some of the persons claim that creatine users are susceptible to cramps, muscle spasms, and some may even be prone to pulled muscles.
  • Persons taking creatine may also show allergic reactions like Itching or hives.
  • Sometimes, there may be swelling in your face or hands,
  • Some persons taking creatine said that they had some tingling sensation in their throat.
  • Consumption of creatine may cause sometimes cause Diarrhea or stomach problems.
  • You may sometimes experience trouble in breathing.
  • Creatine in some rare cases may also cause kidney stones.

Other Side Effects of Creatine may be:

  • You may experience chest tightness.
  • You may experience a weight gain. But, that from my point of view is not a bad effect it is a good effect as all weight lifters love to have more and more mass.
  • Water Retention.
  • You may notice some gas problems and bloating.
  • Heat Intolerance.

If you are experiencing a lot of adverse side effects many a times then you should stop taking creatine right away and talk to your doctor.

source: creatine-monohydrate.org

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