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Bodybuilding Nutrition Basics

Bodybuilding Nutrition Basics


It is possible to train full-bore on squats, dead lifts and a few other great exercises, but if you are not adequately consuming the building materials your body requires, you can rest assured that you will not achieve the gains you desire.  If you can’t get the necessary combination of training, ordinary food and adequate rest to deliver good steady gains in muscle and might, you should not even think about taking any non-nutritional bodybuilding food supplement.

The studying of  practical and effective nutrition and training is not only great, but it is necessary.  However the purpose is to help you build a stronger and better developed physique, not just to educate you for the sake of doing so.  You should aim to apply the learning with every ounce of drive and desire that you possess.

Vitamin and mineral supplements, unless you find you are seriously deficient in something, cannot make an immediate impact on your training, other than the placebo effect in some cases. However, what they do if taken in the long term, is benefit your health which will then allow for an increase in training longevity.  A good potency and well-balanced vitamin and mineral formula taken all the time not only will benefit bodybuilders, but would benefit everyone.

However, when it involves bodybuilders, taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement may not always be enough.  There are micronutrients which are not available in supplement form, and it is therefore vital that you eat a well-balanced diet.  You must ensure that you consume daily green leafy vegetables, yellow/orange vegetables and fruit, and regularly eat seeds, such as, pumpkin and sunflower. It is also necessary that you eat a significant amount of raw food daily.

The basic bodybuilding supplement to experiment with, and one which is easily digested, is that of a good quality protein supplement. This is especially good when you are training hard.  If you are on a strict or tight budget, you can make your own protein drinks by adding skim milk powder (if you can digest it) to milk.

Be sure to watch out for weight-gain products.  They may provide a big boost of calories – some of which come through protein – but they can often be difficult to digest. It is even the case that some of these products overdo things and can then be more accurately described as “fat-gain” products.

It is always important to remember that no matter how nutritious anything is, if you can’t digest it easily and comfortably it is not going to do you any good. And this applies no matter how expensive or hyped up it may be.  It is always best to experiment with small purchases of any food supplement to test how well you are able to digest it. It is often the case that most people find skim milk powder stirred into fresh milk easier to digest that expensive protein powders.  The easiest protein supplement that most people find the best to digest is an increased quantity of fresh milk spread out over the day.

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