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Body Type & Diet Plan

Body Type & Diet Plan


From left to right: Endomorphic Jay Cutler, Mesomorphic Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ectomorphic poster-child Frank Zane

Your diet plan  should result from your body type

I hope you didn’t forget about three main body types:

ectomorph: lean, energetic, quick

mesomorph : middle-sized, brawny

endomorph: heavy, plump, sluggish

All three body types have different metabolism rate.

In ectomorphs’ body all nutrients burn immediately; such people shouldn’t be afraid of stoutness. Ectomorphs have lean body, long bones, slender figure, little fat and thin muscles. It is difficult for them to gain muscle mass; but the muscles, that such person managed to grow, look great due to narrow bones and absence of fat.

Endomorphs, on the contrary, can grow stout visibly because they have slower metabolism (rate of ‘burning’ of proteins, fats and carbohydrates). In addition, energy demands of their organism are also rather low. All these factors lead to excess fat and rounded soft body. Endomorphs usually gain total muscle mass very easily; but it appears to be rather flabby. The main challenge for this type is to get rid of excess fat.

Mesomorphs are distinguished by developed musculature. Their bones are thick, muscles are big. People of such constitution gain muscle mass very easily; sometimes they simply don’t notice that they start looking too ‘square’.

When elaborating a body type diet plan of effective nutrition we should take into consideration the information that was given above. Each constitution type reacts to the schedule and composition of a nutrition plan in its own way. You already know general metabolism features of all types. Now let’s take a closer look at each particular body type diet.

ECTOMORPH (eat a lot whatever you want)

So far, as the main problem of ectomorph is weight shortage he doesn’t need to limit his nutrition.

Special features of ectomorphs’ diet: they require 2-3 gr of proteins per pound of their weight; at the same time these proteins should provide for about 30% of their daily calories. Carbs should amount approximately 50% and fats – 20% of daily calories. In order their muscle mass grow, it’s necessary that ectomorphs’ organism doesn’t burn all the calories it receives throughout a day.

For this body type diet it’s very important to receive high-quality proteins, clean carbohydrates and fats. Their daily calorie content norm must be about 2000-2500 calories.

Calorie content is significantly important for each body type. Ectomorphs should eat each 2.5-3 hours. If you have a very busy schedule you’d better use special food supplements, sports drinks and different sports bars. If you have enough time then take some food and drinks with you in order not to be hungry for a long time. What comes to supplements, it’s better to take two protein cocktails or two portions of carbohydrate-protein blend a day. In order to keep up the energy level required for workout and to improve muscle adaptation ectomorphs can add creatine monogidrat to their nutrition.

Ectomorphs need to watch over their nutrition (regularity and correctness) constantly: both before and after workout. They shouldn’t be afraid to go too far with carbohydrates: in practice, if they eat something rich in carbohydrates before a training session it can significantly reduce catabolism (destructive processes) during power training; and eating this kind of food after a training session results in positive anabolic (recovery process and growth) effect.

ENDOMORPH (less fat food)

Body Type Diet special features: first of all endomorphs should reduce consumption of fats. All proteins that they consume should come from lean products such as lean fish, chicken breasts without skin, egg whites and lean turkey parts. Vegetables are also very important but they shouldn’t be used as the source of proteins. Endomorphs need reduced consumption of fruits in the first half of the day. What comes to carbohydrates, they should try to eat only complex ones such as potatoes, long-grain rice and leguminous plants.

Nutrition frequency: 5-7 small food portions a day. It’ll help to normalize metabolism and keep it at the required level.

This body type should avoid all fat products, different sandwiches and alcohol. Don’t eat too late and stop eating before you feel full. Calories appear to be the main nutrition factor for endomorphs. If your main task is to lose weigh you should reduce your daily consumption of calories; you should calculate them rather accurately in order not to make mistakes. Sports dieticians recommend to use chicken breasts without skin, fish and egg whites as the main protein source: by eating these products you would be able to feel less hungry. If you try to lose weight try to eat less starch carbohydrates and more fibrous ones that contain cellulose.

So, to lose weight you need to eat lean food that’s rich in proteins and cellulose. The other idea is that you need to eat often but in small portions.

MESOMORPH (you’re lucky but don’t relax)

Body Type Diet special features: 1-2 gr of proteins per pound of weight a day (egg whites, lean turkey, chicken breasts without skin and fish). Carbohydrates should supply up to 60-65% of daily amount of calories. The quantity of fat calories must be within the limits of 15%.

Nutrition frequency: 5-7 small food portions a day.

You are recommended to take protein cocktails and other food supplements. Don’t eat the same food and in the same amounts for long; food diversity is very important for you. Instead of ‘fasting’ all the year round try to allow your muscles some more calories. You gain muscle mass and rid of fat rather easily – why not to use this advantage?

Mesomorphs possess a special genetic gift:  some researches show that athletes of this body type, when workout and resting, spend more calories a day than sportsmen of other body types (of the same age, stature and hypodermic fat percentage).

Still, mesomorphs often have inclination to laziness and workout without any system or strategy. Bring your ration in order, calculate the exact required daily amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and food supplements – these are all necessary blocks to construct your ideal nutrition!


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