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Olympia Pound4Pound Challenge

Olympia Pound4Pound Challenge


IFBB Pro League’s pound-for-pound strongest bodybuilder to be crowned at Olympia Weekend 2010!

Over a two-day span during Olympia Weekend 2010, the world will find out which IFBB Pro League athlete is pound-for-pound the strongest bodybuilder on the planet at the first annual Olympia Pound4Pound Challenge! Anyone with a pro card is eligible to enter. Here’s all the in you you need:


Send an e-mail to po[email protected] that contains the following information:
How you qualified to become an IFBB Pro League athlete (which show did you win?)
Basic info (address, e-mail, phone number)


Competitors will weigh in on site. Weights will be rounded to the nearest zero.
• 173 pounds = 170 pounds
• 227 pounds = 230 pounds

Competitors will have ONE opportunity to perform each lift:
• Bench press — 1 ½ BW
• Smith Machine squat — 2x BW
• Smith Machine seated press — 1X BW
• Deadlift — 2x BW

— Only FULL reps will be counted (which will be determined by an on-site judge)
— Belt, wraps and straps are all permitted

The top five competitors in each lift will receive the following points. A tie in reps will result in both competitors being awarded a point. The highest point total at the end of all four lifts will determine the overall winner. In the case of a tie, the total number of reps will determine a winner.

1. 5 points
2. 4 points
3. 3 points
4. 2 points
5. 1 point


IFBB Pro League athletes who want to prove they’re the pound-for-pound strongest bodybuilder.


$1,500 for highest lift per category
$4,000 for highest overall total
Total purse: $10,000

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