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The best IFBB Pro League athletes in the game have congregated in Las Vegas, Nevada and are ready to battle it out at the Mr. Olympia competition on Friday and Saturday, September 24-25, for the most coveted prize in the sport — the Sandow!

Tonight’s 202 weigh-ins and Mr. Olympia Athletes Meeting at the Orleans Arena ballroom got things rolling, and we’ve got exclusive pics that put you front and center for all the action. We also got a look at the official list of competitors, in order of appearance:

  1. Branch Warren
  2. Troy Alves
  3. Erik Fankhouser
  4. Dennis Wolf
  5. Marcus Haley
  6. Roelly Winklaar
  7. Ed Nunn
  8. Evgeny Mishin
  9. Victor Martinez
  10. Robert Piotrkowicz
  11. Dennis James
  12. Ronny Rockel
  13. Dexter Jackson
  14. Hidetada Yamagishi
  15. Kai Greene
  16. Johnnie Jackson
  17. Craig Richardson
  18. Phil Heath
  19. Bill Wilmore
  20. Toney Freeman
  21. Francisco “Paco” Bautista
  22. Jay Cutler

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