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Targeting Different Muscle Groups At A Time In Your Workout Routine

Being ended up with a pot belly or an uneven structure of your body makes you so embarrassed and start working out immediately. So, rather than aiming to achieve fitness, you may give prime focus on a particular region of your body to tone up.


Targeting Different Muscle Groups At A Time In Your Workout Routine

However, some people target different muscle groups at a time. Whatever be your concern, as someone who is more anxious about your health and fitness, you must know some muscle groups in your body can perfectly pair with others. And there is nothing wrong with targeting them together while you follow your fitness routine along with.

Targeting Different Muscle Groups At A Time

Various Groups Of Muscles In The Human Body

The muscles in the human body are mainly categorized into three.

  • Cardiac muscles: these are the muscles that are responsible for your heart’s proper functioning.
  • Smooth muscles: they regulate your involuntary functions like constricting your blood vessels
  • Skeletal muscles: these are the muscles you target to enhance by working out. They support you to make your move.

The basic classification of the muscle groups in your body are:

  • Chest
  • Abdominals
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Shoulders
  • Back

If you divide them in a more specific way, it would be like,

  • The muscles in the front of your upper arms (biceps)
  • The muscles in the back of your upper arms (triceps)
  • Your lower arms (forearms)
  • The top of your shoulders (trapezoid or traps)
  • Muscles in your armpits (latissimus dorsi or lats)
  • The muscles in your hip and buts (glutes)
  • Muscles in the back of your upper legs (hamstrings)
  • The front part of your upper legs (quadriceps)
  • The muscles in your lower legs (calves)

Muscles That Can Be Targeted At A Time

Although you can target different muscle groups together while you work out, you will not be able to find the right method for it. And there is also not such a rule or restriction even if there are people who follow this technique, you will see they are not at all following a certain uniform plan.

But it doesn’t mean all of them are doing it incorrectly. They are simply varied from person to person. just because everyone doesn’t think in the same way.

Analyzing the opinions given by experts, I found that you can have many options to follow in your workout routine. As you have seven days in a week, you can arrange them perfectly in your plan to achieve bigger.

  • You can either pair your primary and secondary muscles on strength training days. Or, you can try pairing muscle groups that are adjacent to each other and it can be helpful. If you are working on your biceps, you can also add some moves to target your quadriceps. Likewise, you can pair your arms and shoulders together as you work with dumbbells.
  • A full-body workout can be followed for a couple of days a week. You can have a lot of moves that target your whole body in general. And with this, you will achieve more caloric output as well. The primary focus of this would be your overall fitness in general.
  • If you want to train yourself for maximum strength, you can follow splits. Here, you will engage your various muscle groups on different days. Since you have days in between to rest in this workout plan, you can also actively engage specific muscle groups more. Besides, your particular muscle groups will get sufficient rest periods to recover too.

Since it is possible to target certain muscle groups, you can implement it in your workout. And with that, you will get a complete training program that is ideal for you to bring better results at a greater pace. Besides, your muscles will get more rest between training and you will avoid the risk of overtraining.

Sample Workout Plan

If you are a newbie who aims to attain fitness, here is a perfect example for you. Here, you will have a clear idea of what to target on each day of your workout plan so that you can arrange suitable exercise moves in it.

Day 1: Target your chest and shoulders.

Day 2: Focus on your legs

Day 3: Target your back, abdominals, and arms

Some people aim to do strength training to enhance their muscles only for a  couple of days a week. In that case, they can do their workouts targeting six muscle groups. And for a beginner, this would be sufficient enough to have a perfect plan to improve fitness.

  • Chest, arms, and shoulders for the first day
  • Leg, back, and abdominals for the second day.

If you are an advanced trainer or someone who already gets acquainted with lifting well, you can follow the following suggestion to target certain muscle groups.

Day 1: chest, folders, triceps, and forearms.

Day 2: glutes, calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

Day 3: Abdominals, back, biceps, last, and traps.

When you add moves that are involved with engaging more joints in your workout plan, you are certainly using more muscles in it. And it will surely enhance your workout plan to let you successfully reach fitness and perfect figure.

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