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Things To Remember While Setting A Workout Routine All By Yourself

To achieve your own fitness goals, you should stick to a workout routine that is effective and ensures you the best results. Hitting a gym or following the instructions of a fitness trainer may not be attainable for everyone. Either it is due to financial struggles, lack of time, or any other issues like the current pandemic, many are unable to be more systematic while planning to achieve fitness.

Things To Remember While Setting A Workout Routine All By Yourself

But thankfully, in the current world, it is not always necessary to seek outside help to stay fit. We are blessed with a lot of fitness videos on YouTube, and even many experts have started vlogging to impart their knowledge on people regarding health and wellness as well as countless keys to fitness. So creating your own fitness or workout routine is not at all a wrong decision presently.

Things To Remember While Setting A Workout Routine All By Yourself

Keys To Set Your Own Workout Routine

If you have any plans to set a workout routine on your own, it could be more challenging but at the same time fun. It can be time taking to see the results and may not be a perfect one. But gradually you will master your own needs and can bring needed changes too. Moreover, if you are getting rewarded with results out of something you have organized yourself, it is pretty sure that you will appreciate it more.

Here are a few keys that would lead you in the right direction in setting the appropriate workout routine for you.

  • Know Your Goals 

You need to clearly determine your goals as it is the foremost step to succeed. People have different goals according to their physique, eating habits, or many other factors. So you have to get to know what is your goal to plan correctly. As someone who is looking for a healthy start towards fitness, it will help you to be more focused.

To be clear, if you want to relieve yourself from a few extra pounds, you need to set weight loss goals. Whereas if you are skinny and wish to add some muscles and have a bigger body, you have to plan accordingly with weight training. And finally, there is another category of people, who aims to tone their body, where the focus turns to the abs.

  • Set The Right Time

Prior to adjusting your workout routine and adding various moves to it, try to have a clear idea of how often you would be ready to do them to burn some fat. Fairly because once you decide to follow a workout routine, you will need to do it at least thrice a week. Whatever be your decision, ensure that you are also getting enough time to take rest proportional to the intensity of exercises that you follow regularly.

  • Follow The Scheme Of “Set- Rep- Rest”

As you need to work out to reach your fitness goals, the need for doing the correct number of repetitions and taking proper rest between sets cannot be ignored. If your aim is to achieve strength, more focus should be given to low repetitions with high set schemes. While expanding the size of your muscles, you can follow three sets of 8-12 repetitions of the moves. Above all for those who want to burn more calories, high repetitions like three sets with 15-12 repetitions could be ideal. But at the same time, in weight lifting, you need to increase the load.

Talking about rest, the more you are increasing the load the more you need to take rest too. If you are undergoing strength and power training, you will have to rest between 2-5 minutes and it is ideal for you. For workouts that are intended to muscle growth, resting between sets for 30-90 seconds can be followed to see the best results.

  • Choose The Right And Best Exercises 

Three are countless options of exercise moves to add to your regular workout routine. But you have to be careful enough while picking from them. Remember to give more focus on your goals rather than simply picking some moves that are convenient. Here are some suggestions that you may make a part of your workout routine.

For strength training you can add moves like:

  • Lunges
  • Planks
  • Squats
  • Pushups
  • Any free weight exercise
  • Resistance band workouts

To build some muscles, you can follow exercises such as:

  • Crunches
  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Running

You can lose the extra body weight with certain moves like:

  • Cardio exercises
  • Burpees
  • Planks
  • Jumping rope
  • Running

To reach the ideal weight or fulfill your fitness goals cannot be a piece of cake always. Setting a workout routine and doing everything all by yourself could be quite challenging too. But with all the available resources and convenience it will not end up with frustration if you have the determination and willpower to reap its fruit. Besides, modifying your diet according to your fitness goals is most needed while following the best workout regime. It will give you the needed energy and nutrients to proceed in the right direction to success. Putting your efforts to stick to the workout routine that you designed by yourself along with a balanced diet will definitely disappoint you.

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