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Main mistakes made by bodybuilders

Main mistakes made by bodybuilders



1. Big weights.
Perhaps it is the most common mistake among athletes, regardless of trained level. Even bodybuilders with experience and newcomers, from time to time exaggerate their capabilities, trying to lift too much weight in an attempt to impress his friends, individuals of the opposite sex or more experienced athletes.

First, you should not do this, because in moments of super-heavy lifting for you weight, there is a high probability of serious injury of joints or muscles. Secondly, most chicks no matter how much you can raise on the biceps. And finally, an experienced bodybuilder only smiles at your vain attempts; because he knows that large weights to overload themselves are meaningless and fraught with consequences.

Mistake 2. Lack of hygiene.
Gym – a place where trained hundreds of people a day, while they sweat they use the same dumbbells, benches, fitness equipment. All this makes the gym an ideal place for germs.
Would you like to lie on the wet from the sweat of others or pick up a bench which is an infection? I am sure not. It is important to make sure that you are so hygienic as possible, which implies the execution of several simple steps:
1. no matter how trite it sounds, wash hands after using the toilet;
2. come to the gym in clean sports clothing and footwear;
3. take a towel to the gym, it will help to cope with sweat;
4. if after completing the exercise, on the bench or training device left your sweat, wipe it with napkins – usually in the normal rooms they are in stock.
In addition doing this you set a good example to other athletes.

Mistake 3.  Spread of shells and scales
This error was made and is made till this day, almost by all bodybuilders. Many athletes do not clean up after them dumbbell, bars, and other training goods. Several reasons suggest that this is bad: the one who trains after you must spend his time to dismantling rods; formed a mess with the weights, it is not clear where that is, besides, anyone can stumble over and get dragged along a dumbbell injuries from falling .
In general – clean up after you weight! This is correct and is certainly a sign of good breeding.

Mistake 4. Excessive communication at the gym
It is clear that at the gym, we not only train but also communicate with other athletes. But do not let this turn into a long communication.

I often see beginners who come to the hall and a long talk between sets, while other athletes waiting for the busy trainer / shell free. In addition, thinking about unimportant thing, will be more difficult for you to focus on exercise.

I’m not saying that just can not to talk, but coming to the gym, you must remember – the main goal should be full, concentrated training.

Mistake 5. Not using the locks
In various exercises with rod, be it bench press or squats, an important role play right why of choosing weight. If you do not fix them with a rod locks, then at the bias of rod, and this happens often enough, the weight can slide down. At best, this will produce a strong enough noise, at worst – you or standing next to you athlete can get seriously injured.
So always use the locks for the rod.

Mistake 6. More – not always better
More weight, more approaches, more exercise … STOP! More – not always better! This rule applies to bodybuilding.
All beginners should train their body to a certain scheme, without overloading its capacity.
For example, to limit the exercise to 5 approaches for the major muscle groups, for about 8-12 times. Rest between sets should not exceed 90 seconds, ideally it should not exceed 1 minute. In addition, the weight that you raise, do not necessarily have to grow from the approach to the approach.
You should be able to easily and correctly perform the exercise, before increasing the weight. In our case – the quality is more important than quantity.

Mistake 7. Incorrect training
Performing the exercises not correctly, in the best case you do not get the necessary result of the exercise, and at worst – were injured. This is especially true of such exercises, like squats, which if not properly carrying out highly probable injury of the knee.
Therefore it is recommended to take personal trainer, at least the first two weeks of training. He will explain and show you how to work right with weight.

Mistake 8. The imbalance of cardio and strength training program
As practice shows, getting to the gym, beginners-girls immediately occupy cardio exercise machines, ignoring the power one, and the newcomers’ guys – run to power trainers, in their turn, ignore the cardio one. And both are wrong.
Girls, you will not get the beautiful shape, working only with cardio training program. You will burn both fat and muscle, and the result is a lean figure in the style of “skin and bones, without the seductive lines and shapes, which like guys.
Guys, you will not get result that you are waiting only strength training program. In addition, it is important to understand that the most important muscle of human is – the heart. Cardio exercises train the heart and lungs, and indeed the entire cardiovascular system of man.
I would advise beginners to make 3 full weight training and two or three by 30 minute cardio workouts per week.

Mistake 9. No planification
Often, newcomers do not plan a training cycle in advance and at the gym they do what they want. As a consequence of this error, the impact of training significantly decreases.
Having entered the gym, you must be acutely aware of what exactly you’re going to work, in other words, you must have a plan.
Ideally, we should start a diary in which he painted program of exercises, what muscle groups and when you’re going to coach. In addition to its fixed number of approaches / reps / weights, this helps to trace the dynamics of the results of your workouts.

Mistake10. Considering unimportant nutrition
Nutrition is one of the most important things that should be taking by notice by bodybuilders. You can do the most advanced programs and with the best coaches, but without proper nutrition you will not succeed in the construction of the body.

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