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Bench Like The BIG BOYS

Bench Like The BIG BOYS


Marty Gallagher offers tips to build a massive chest

Strength coach Marty Gallagher, author of The Purposeful Primitive, serves up some extra big bench tips.

WARNING: This info is only for those who wish to build a massive chest.

It’s important to keep in mind that Gallagher’s main goal is to build strength. The goals of a bodybuilder may differ, but it’s important to remember that more strength can correlate into greater muscular size.


“First, buy into the physiological reality that an increase in strength equals an increase in muscle size. To grow the pectoral muscle, the best exercise period is flat benching.”

“Use three grips for overall development.
A) The competition or power grip — whatever grip that you feel most powerful — most likely the 24-28 inch range,
B) Wider grips, say 32 inches,
C) Narrow grips, shoulder width.”


“Everyone likes to use the touch-and-go technique, bouncing the bar off the chest and using momentum. Eliminate that by pausing the weight on the chest. This forces the muscles to use pure explosive power, which can result in more muscular growth and strength.”

I’ve never seen a man with a 500-pound bench that didn’t have big pecs.

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