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Back Workout

Back Workout


Our back is the biggest muscle group after legs. Huge lats is the locomotive that drives all other muscles to new developments.

Back is the big and power muscle group and that is why your back workout needs compound power exercises. I speak about rows first of all.  Everybody who want perform good back workout have to include in training session such row exercises as:

Best back exercises
Barbell Rows (main back exercise)Pull Ups (Pull Downs) (for lats width)Cable Rows (for lats thickness)One Dumbbell Row (left and right emphasize)Deadlifts (huge total compound exercise)

For good back workout is very important correct performance technique.  All rows are compound exercises and isolate back is not easy, that is why remember: Do not work with heavy weights until your technique became excellent.

How make excellent rows technique?

Quite easy. You have to remember about only two rules during back workout:

  1. Use only back when perform rows. (Forget about arms. Working muscle is back)
  2. Your back should be straight in all rows. It will help you to follow the first rule.

It is very important to involve only back in workout. Your biceps should not work. For this reason you can  imagine that your have  arm – cables ended with hooks. Another idea is to imagine that your arms ended with elbows (it will help you switch off your biceps).

Back Workout Routine

Back workout routine is good to begin with  Barbell Rows or Pull Ups.  This power exercises are good ones for beginners and advanced bodybuilders.  There is only one more compound exercise for back. It is barbell deadlifts but I recommend finish your back workout by this back exercise because of its hardness. It exhaust energy and you would not be able to perform rows if do deadlifts first.

First time, when you just begin muscle building,  your have to perform only one or two exercises for back workout. Barbell Rows or Pull Ups if you have not barbell (e.g. workout at home)

Back workut routine for beginners
Barbell Rows 2 warm ups (10 – 15 reps with light weights) + 3 working sets (6 – 10 reps)Pull Ups 4 working sets for maximum reps.

After two –three months you can add second exercise and Deadlifts your back workout routine would be look like this:

Back workut routine (pre – intermediata level)
Routine # 1
Barbell Rows Pull UpsDeadlifts2 warm ups + 4 X (6-10) 4 X (6-10) 2 warm ups + 2 X (6-10)
Routine # 2
Barbell RowsPull DownsDeadlifts2 warm ups + 4 X (6-10) 4 X (6-10) 2 warm ups + 2 X (6-10)

Next level is for intermediate bodybuilders. You use 4-5 exercises for back workout and must have mach more rest for recuperation.

Your back workout routine can look like this:

Back workut routines ( intermediata level)
Routine # 1
Barbell RowsCable Lat Pull-downhammer strength rows

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