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How to Use Steroids Safely

How to Use Steroids Safely


Have you ever heard of the issues that revolve around performance enhancing drugs like steroids? You probably already know that these types of drugs offer benefits for certain health conditions, like bone marrow degeneration, growth problems, and hormone imbalances. In recent medical papers, anabolic steroids have shown promise in assisting in the prevention of osteoporosis, or bone loss.

However, not many people are aware of the legalities and possible health risks that are accompanying the usage of steroids. One of the reasons that people get risks from using this drug is that they do not familiarize themselves with their options, and that they do not follow a steroid cycle of administration. Overdose is always a growing concern. Furthermore, some dietary habits can counteract the effects of steroids.

So the question now is, how to use steroids safely? If you are to take steroids using injections, be sure you are administering the drug with clean or sterile hypodermic needles. If you are not aware of how to do this, have a medical practitioner help you out. In the case of the pills, be sure you follow the doses as prescribed by your fitness consultant and doctor. Some steroid cycles only need you to take pills daily for a few weeks, after which you need to stop. This helps reduce the possibility of getting side effects.

It is already well established that the side effects of anabolic steroids are aggravated when people don’t know how to use steroids safely. It is advised by medical professionals that one must first have a medical check up and assessment so that the type of steroids can be determined, and any adverse side effects will be prevented.

Here are some noted side effects of anabolic steroids according to the Journal of Health Psychology: lower back pain, itchiness in certain body areas, more frequent urination, water retention, are some non-serious side effects. On the other hand,  liver damage, hypertension, kidney problems, as the more serious ones. For women, some masculinizing effects such as growth of facial hair and male pattern baldness were noticed.

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