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Ephedrine represents a sympathomimetic drug and is considered central nervous system stimulant. It is beta-adrenergic agonist.

It is often compared with amphetamine or caffeine. By being powerful stimulator it helps to increase metabolism and reduce fatigue.

Ephedrine is used for treating many diseases such as asthma, common cold and others.

This drug is well known in different professional sport because in almost all cases it is not detectable in drug tests.

Ephedrine is also loved by bodybuilders and is often taken in eight-trainers. Results that are achieved while taking this substance are weight loss, burning fat, muscle maintenance. It controls fat elimination from fat cells. It also helps on growing muscles contractions by improving the weight totals on major lifts. These characteristics make it taken by bodybuilders especially before contents.

Ephedrine is taken both in bulking and cutting cycles, but most of the athletes prefer to take it in cutting cycles. To obtain expected results it is recommended to take a break (one to two months) during the usage of this drug.

The effective dose is about 25 to 50mg per application.

Side effects that can occur after taking Ephedrine are: nervousness, tremors, rapid heart rate, palpitations, increased blood pressure and others

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