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4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is a substance used by many manufacture of steroid such as Geneza PharmaceuticalsSciroxxBalkan PharmaceuticalsBritish DragonAsia Pharma was developed in 1960. This idea comes to one of pharmaceutical company from Germany before the Olympic games.

In our days it is also often used in medicine after serious surgery.

Because of its proprieties, in bodybuilding it is often compared with anavar or dianabol

4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is characterized with pronounced anabolic effects with low androgenic activity. By taking this steroid athletes report not as fast gain as they would like, but instead of this muscles are well defined have a hard look. By being 4-chloro alteration it dosen’t interact with the aromatize enzyme. As it also called T-bold, does not convert to estrogen, that’s mean it does not provoke water retention.

4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone can be used by bodybuilders both in bulking and cutting cycles. It is also taken between cycles to help keeping gained muscles from previous cycle.

One and very important characteristic of T-bol that make it loved by bodybuilders it produces nice dry gains, leaving the body relatively quickly. It was noticed that some athletes who stop taking this steroid for about 5-7 days before the contest pass steroid test successfully.

An effective dose for male bodybuilders is 20-40mgs a day. Female bodybuilderscan use it too in dose of 5 mgs/day.

Side effects that can occur are:  mild gynocomastia, mild acne, gas, indigestion. Being 17-alpha alkylated which makes it hepatotoxic t-bol it is kind toxic to liver.

Below you can find products that contains this substance:

GP Turan by Geneza Pharmaceuticals

Turinadex by Sciroxx

Turanabol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Turanaplex by Axiolabs

Turanabol by British Dragon

Turanabolic by Asia Pharma

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