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Beginner’s Cycle Theory

Beginner’s Cycle Theory


Warning: This is NOT intended to be strictly followed as a bible, this is just my personal theory on how to cycle.
This thread is 110% based on my only personal experience or at the very least on someone very close to me experience.

First of all…

Am I ready for steroids?
NO, you are not ready for steroids at all. Just because you need to ask to someone and this implies that you haven’t done enough research yet.
After years of research on steroids you may answer your rhetoric question your own without thinking so much.
Unfortunately people have no idea on the load of info they might find on the net about this stuff.
Though they’re fine only if they take time to search for the reliable sources of info written by the RIGHT persons but at times they don’t mind and otherwise listen to some gym guy who cares nothing about their health.

Ok, I’ve done my research, but how can I say that my body’s ready for AAS?
Well, you must be AT THE VERY LEAST 21 years old, because your natural envelopment isn’t complete before that age.
You need to have done all the possible to let your body grow naturally till it reached a so called “plateau” (the limit of natural muscle growth).
To reach this level you should train HARD and CONSTANTLY for at least 2 years, along with proper dieting, the most important thing EVER.
Once you’ll get into a mark which is impossible to go through, then you are effectively ready for steroids.
Simple: if a 6 feet guy, after 5 years of training i.e., still weight 160lbs, then there is something wrong with his diet, for sure.
Then obviously have a bloodwork done before messing with chemicals. Any anomalous value in your blood could become a serious problem when exogenous hormones are introduced.

Well, I’m ready for steroids, so what’s best for me?
Nobody knows which steroid is best for an individual and how much he could be exposed to side effects.
That’s why we always advise to run a testosterone only cycle, for a first course.
testosterone is the primer of all steroids and all the AAS (Anabolic Androgenic steroids) are derivative of the testosterone molecule.
So you have to see how your body reacts to the basic compound to decide what to choose for the next cycles. Yes, next cycles, because once you’ve enjoyed the dark side, you fall in love with it!

But my buddy told me to run a Dbol only cycle as my first
Yes, I bet, even I did a Dbol only as my first cycle, and I loved it.
But I never felt worse than when I was on Dbol only, my mood was on the floor.
Why this? When you run a compound that is not testosterone, your pituitary gland recognize that something is already doing its job (androgenic steroids aspect), so HPTA lower its function or even shuts down its activity.
This is cause of some side effects like aromatization (gyno issues), low libido and sex drive and bad mood, as mentioned before.
testosterone is the main male hormone and it’s responsible of a male behavior, well-being and many other physiologic aspects.
When HPTA (Hypothalamus Pituitary Testes Axis) is shut down by AAS your natural physiologic functions lower down thriving in estrogen-like related sides as gynecomastia (developing of breast tissue in males).
SO where’s the deal on not availing of the positive effects of testosterone in EVERY AAS cycle? You simply need it to replace your regular body functions suppressed by steroids.

Example of a first steroid cycle
A standard plan for a first cycle should be 10/12 weeks of testosterone Enanthate/Cypionate at 500mg/week. Long estered test, as it has to be injected less than its shorter cousins and this is more suitable for a first time user.
Why running the compound for all those weeks?
Well, Test E/C are long estered tests, means that they are slowly released through a long period of time (8 to 16 days).
They reach their maximum peak of activity on the 5th week (for someone even the 4th), so we’re going to avail of its strength for about 5-7 weeks this way.

What about a sustanon cycle for a first timer?
I never advice on it for the first time, maybe because it was the first form of test I used in a cycle and hated it.
Firstly, let’s break a false myth: it is the longest test so it can be injected once per week with no issues…MY ASS!
Being a blend, it has the longest estered test in, but it has two short esters within as well.
This means that it has to be injected EVERY OTHER DAY. Because short estered tests (like Propionate) has an activity life of 3 days, so they need to be injected every 2 days in order to keep levels in the blood the most stable.
It is a rule of thumbs to inject a gear every half of its activity time for that reason. People sometimes get flu as a consequence of injecting sust once a week.

source: steroidology.com

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