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Sustaplex 325

Sustaplex 325


Manufacturer: Axiolabs
Substance: Testosterone blend
Pack: 10 ml vial (325 mg/ml)

Testosterone Acetate – 20mg
Testosterone Propionate – 50mg
Testosterone Phenypropionate – 50mg
Testosterone Isocaproate – 90mg
Testosterone Decanoate – 105mg

Sustaplex 325 manufactured by Axiolabs consist of five substance: 30mg/ml of Testosterone Acetate, 50mg/ml of Testosterone Propionate, 50 mg/ml of Testosterone Phenylpropionate, 90mg/ml of Testosterone Cypionate and 105 mg/ml of Testosterone Decanoate. It is comercialized in 10 ml vial.
This combination of testosterone provide for different half lives. Esterization of the testosterone molecules provides for a sustained (but non-linear) release of testosterone from the injection depot into the blood plasma.
While the intention of the mixed testosterone esters in Sustaplex is to provide more stable serum testosterone levels, the long-ester testosterones, such as testosterone cypionate or testosterone decanoate, provide more stable serum testosterone levels.
This anabolic steroid is characterized with pronounced androgenic proprieties. That is why is so popular between bodybuilders and is used in many steroid cycles. Its proprieties produce quick muscles grow and an increase of strength.
Sustaplex 325 is used by athletes in both bulking and cutting cycles. To achieve better result while doing  bulking cycle athletes like to stack it with Equipoise, Deca Durabolin or oral steroid such as Anadrol and Dianabol. In cutting cycle athletes prefer to combine it with Anavar or Trenbolone.
Recommended dose of Sustaplex 325 for male bodybuilders is 400 – 1200 mg/week. Female athletes use to take 50 – 100 mg/week
Having strong androgenic proprieties Sustaplex 325 provoke some side effects, such as: oily skin, acne body/facial hair growth and premature balding. To avoid and/or to decrease side effects athletes use to stack it with Proscar/Propecia, as it will limit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Sustaplex will also suppress natural testosterone production rather quickly. Another combination of Clomid/Nolvadex is also recommended at the end of a cycle in order to avoid a hormonal crash. Sustanon stay active in the body for up to a month after the last injection was given.

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