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THE CAGE: Special “Pros vs. Pros” Event, Animal vs. Gaspari

On Friday, 3/4/11, starting at 2:00pm at The Cage during the Arnold, Animal will have a very special “Pros vs. Pros” event in The Cage. For the first time, we’re opening up the event to outsiders beyond the Animal Crew. The challenger? Gaspari Nutrition. Four titanic IFBB pro bodybuilders will go head-to-head in a “Bench Your Bodyweight” Competition.

Round 1: Pros. vs. Pros
Frank “Wrath” McGrath of Animal Crew vs. Hide Yamagishi of Team Gaspari.

Round 2: Pros. vs. Pros
Mike “Wycked” Van Wyck of the Animal Crew vs. Mark Alvisi of Team Gaspari

The undercard event to kick off the festivities? A special “Bros. vs. Bros” event feature two reps:

Undercard Event
G Diesel, The People’s Champ, of the Animal Crew vs. Ryan Hughes, 2011 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Finalist, of Team Gaspari

Which company will come out on top?

The stakes? It’s not all fun and games. The team totaling the least reps will make a contribution to a worthy military charity, Hire Heroes USA (HHUSA). HHUSA’s mission is to offer assistance to those who have honorably served in the US military – and to their spouses – in order to reduce veteran unemployment. At Animal, we are committed to supporting our armed forces, so when Gaspari recommended the HHUSA, we jumped at the chance to support this worth cause. More info can be found here: www.HireHeroesUSA.org

Animal Rage offered to any of the contestants. Who’s ready for some smack talking? Where are the Gaspari reps?

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