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Meal Before and After Workout

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It doesn’t matter how organized you are, it can happen between your workouts that you want to eat. In these cases you should know what you can eat and in what quantity. When there is no time to cook before or after training you can visit fast-food restaurants. Here are some suggestions:

Before workouts:

It would be perfect for you if you intake 20 grams of protein and about 40 g of slow-burning carbohydrates. At fast food restaurants it is very easy. In almost all restaurants you can find grilled chicken, but take care not to eat any sauces. You can also take a Diet Coke to get about 120 milligrams of caffeine to power your training.

* in grams

After workout:

At the end of your training what would be the easiest way to take your 40 g of lean protein and 60 g or more of fast-burning carbohydrates? It would be great if you take grilled chicken or Caesar Salad. For a desert you can have chocolate milk and a yogurt parfait, both of which contain whey and casein for the perfect blend of fast- and slow-digesting protein.

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