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Training for thin leg

Training for thin leg
Each of us has muscle groups that grow worse than others or do not grow at all. For someone is the chest, back, arms, for you – the legs?! First, you will start blindly copy other people’s methods – with no result!? Then you will begin specialized training legs – the whole program is redrawn for pumping a single muscle group. And again with no results!? However, it can be even worse. Reducing the load on the upper body, you can lose the muscles of the back, chest, and shoulder girdle.
But not all is that bad. There is a training program that will help extremely fast increase your leg, despite the genetic deprivation. This complex is not directly designed for high-level bodybuilders. Anyone can start working with it without any problems.
Work on your quadriceps with 4 exercises: extension, presses, hack squats, and reverse hack squats.
Quadriceps and hamstrings training should be divided. In the morning, we are working on quads, and in the evening – on the hamstrings. In the split program, leg training should be put on a priority – the next day after the resting.
You will not have any difficulty with exercises, except the reverse hack squats on the simulator. This is a rather unusual variation of motion, so you will need at least a couple of workouts to get used to it. But in any case, Read the latest review of the product Acidaburn that recommends: do not drop this exercise. It helps to a considerable increase in the front volume of the hips. No other exercise, including heavy squats, help to achieve this effect. Squats great increase feet, but weight gain takes place, so to speak, in the longitudinal plane. Hips widen in the lateral projection.
The only thing that beginners have to take into consideration is the number of repetitions per set. Use a weight that allows you to do no more than 10 strictly skillful reps.
Let’s start with the extension on the simulator. Do not wait for any result in pumping mass. Extension – it is something like an alarm clock for the quadriceps. In this exercise, it is not necessary to squeeze out of them all that you can; on the contrary, it is necessary to save energy for the next heavy exercise. The main goal – to pump with blood quadriceps and knee joints, well, this can be achieved by using weights. The main thing here – it’s a large number of repetitions. Also, it is important not to make this exercise routine. Need full concentration on each set, and for this purpose, you can do straightening on each leg alternately. It is hard work: each repetition requires absolute self-devotion.
The main exercise in this program is a leg press. It is not only in no way inferior to squats but even exceeds. Newcomers cannot squat with 100 percent effort because of the weak back. As for experienced athletes, they also have problems with squats. They work with heavyweights, and this, in turn, threatens injury in both small of the back and cervical spine. In addition, during the squats, a part of the mental energy is dissipated because of the need to keep a balance. As for the leg press, there is no risk. Therefore it is possible to develop a phenomenally deep mental concentration.
The simulator must be customized to yourself so that the performance of the exercise to be as comfortable as possible. You shouldn’t have any pain in the knees and shouldn’t break away pelvis from the seat while the knees are close to the chest. The press should be performed only by the force of the quadriceps, but in no case due to the pelvic flexor or by including body muscles.
However, advanced athletes can use the following technique: every workout to adjust different angles for the seat and bench platform, change the position of the feet (above, lower, wider, and narrower). This allows you to change the angles of the load on the quads. Knees never straightened completely. You also need to vary speed constantly.
After a short rest start hack squats. Toes should be slightly pointed out, following the main rule – squats should be comfortable. This type of squat has isolated character, well, so there is very important the total amplitude. So to increase it more you can be put under the legs a small extra platform. It will help you down lower than normal.
Next comes the turn of the reverse hack squats on a hacking simulator. Stand close to the simulator. Position yourself with your chest flat on the pad and shoulders up against the shoulder pads. Make sure your feet are positioned around shoulder-width apart on the bottom of the platform. Push up to take the weight off the stack, place your arms on the side handles of the machine, and disengage the safety bars. This is the starting position for the movement. Slowly lower the weight down until your thighs are at approximately right angles with your calves. Pause, and then push the weight back up to the starting position without locking your knees at the top of the movement. The most important thing – it’s tough to fix the pelvis, and under no circumstances do not bow it back. Initially, the exercise should be done with a partner who will monitor the technique.
And for the final, you have to sit down again in the simulator for the extension. Weight, as at the beginning of the program is not too heavy. The goal is the same: to pump more blood in the quadriceps.
The fundamental condition of the whole program is the maximum intensity. Exercises must be performed extremely meaningful, feeling every inch of the amplitude.

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