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Sex for bodybuilder: necessity or hindrance?

Sex for bodybuilder: necessity or hindrance?


Among bodybuilders broad different opinions about the influence of sex in the life of an athlete, on his power rates and the rate of progression. Some argue that having sex interfere on the normal recovery between workouts, others believe sex useful to progress in strength and endurance.

So how does sex actually affect bodybuilding? First, we will understand the arguments of each side.

What wrong see fans of dumbbells and weights in frequent sex? First, the process of recovery, so necessary for normal development and progression of bodybuilding is unthinkable without rest and healthy sleep. And it was in a dream and that is the desired recovery and super compensation of muscle fibers, which are so eager sportsmen. Opponents of sex in the period of training argue that too often, her personal life interfere with normal sleep and rest, because of what the muscles do not have time to recover and progress is minimized, or else non-existent.

In addition, semen contains a large amount of protein, so necessary for recovery and growth of muscle tissue. And its losss, especially before bedtime seems to be very painful. Of what will build muscle? Moreover, now the body has to expend energy and the same protein to create a new sperm – and this again happens at night, when the much needed energy for muscle growth.

As for those fans of weights, which argue for the existence of a regular sex life, they are also very reasoned. And their main argument is the quantitative content of testosterone (male hormone) in the body bodybuilder.

The level of hormonal (testosterone in the body) significantly affects many functions of men. High levels contribute to greater sexuality, self-confidence. But most importantly, men with this hormonal tougher physically capable of great physical stress and recovery from them. Thus, for the bodybuilder is important to have high hormone levels. Of course, training in the hall raised the amount of testosterone, but only for a short period of time. To establish and maintain a high level of this hormone, need regular sex. They then contribute to the maintenance of testosterone levels on a high fence.

What respect the energy loss and protein during sex, they can easily recover the protein cocktail. Drinking a mixture of protein before bad, you can not fear for lack of the necessary elements in the body. High levels of testosterone will contribute to a more rapid recovery of muscles, which will certainly affect their growth.

Thus, the presence of sex in the life of bodybuilding is not a hindrance to the progression of bodybuilding. On the contrary, its presence could have a positive effect on the rate of recovery after the athlete’s training and, consequently, the rate of its progression.

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